Fujitsu plans to realize the commercialization of superblogging fabric software by next year

nnnWASHINGTON: Japan’s well-known IT company Fujitsu has announced the development of a new technology that will help super software software to speed up the transaction speed, and plans to next spring to achieve the commercialization of this application. In addition, Fujitsu is also developing a new block chain system, showing its determination to achieve breakthrough in the technology.n
nnTranslated by: Inan
nFujitsu’s research department, a Japanese IT company, has announced a new technology for the development of the super-cost fabric block chain project, which is planned to commercialize the software by the spring of next year.n
nFujitsu Laboratories said on July 31 that it has developed and tested new tools to accelerate its deal with Fabric, which will be a means of accelerating transaction performance. A few weeks after the release of the Fabric candidate, its version 1.0 was also launched by the Linux Foundation earlier this month.n
nAccording to the announcement, Fujitsu released the technology at the 2017 P2P Financial Systems Conference in London from 20 to 21 July, bringing the transaction rate on the test network created by the company.n
nFujitsu explained in a statement:n
nn”Fujitsu Laboratories used this technology in Superbook Fabric v0.6.1 and measured transaction performance on a block-chain platform with four servers. The previous approach could handle 500 transactions per second, while Fujitsu Laboratories Using this newly developed technology to achieve a deal of 1350 transactions per second, about 2.7 times before.n
nn”With this technology, you can apply block technology to high-performance online trading systems,” the company added.n
nFujitsu also pointed out that it will be the next step for the latest version of Fabric to adjust the technology. The company is expected to commercialize the application in its fiscal year 2017 (as of March 2018).n
nCoinDesk reported last month that Fujitsu has also developed a new block chain system for securely exchanging data from different parties without a central hub, which can also be run on the superbook fabric platform.n

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