Full opening of 49 U.S. states digital currency trading platform service

Full opening of 49 U.S. states digital currency trading platform service

Digital currency trading platform LaissezFaire (LZF) announced the exchange service for Fiat 49 United States open digital currency, became the first American to the United States (except New York) legitimate business trading platform open digital currency exchange service. The goal of LZF is to provide the most secure digital currency trading platform for users.

LZF is using a structure similar to SaaS (software as a service) platform, provide a full realization of the function of bank autonomous system. Autonomous synchronization system, minimizing the need to manually handle user requests the problem (cold storage except).

The New York Bitlicense LZF is still not introduced, New York open service.

LZF formerly known as PSCoin, now renamed LaissezFaire, mean free market.

The bank trust fund role play

The relationship between LZF and the establishment of the bank, means that banks will act as custodian of funds role, while LZF is responsible for processing trade. All users of funds deposited by Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) to provide insurance services.

To use the LZF service users must comply with the platform of KYC (customer law) the approval process, the user must first fill out a form and submit a photo.

LZF login through a bank account, you can instantly derive and verify many automatic switching ACH Support Center (the main processing system of the United States bank payment) bank account, bank account so you can achieve the connection process stable and fast. At present there are about 30 banks to support this function. This function is not supported by the bank must be added manually, and confirmed by the two small transactions to verify.

LZF ACH deposits and withdrawals are similar to that of Coinbase and Circle credit card or debit card account, ACH deposit on LZF does not charge a fee. Remove the user after the exchange of money will enter the user account in second days.

New upcoming

LZF is introduced into and out of the domestic and international wire services, telegraphic transfer does not charge fees.

LZF will soon expand to the euro and Southeast Asia Pacific region, the platform currently supports bitcoin, the future of the world currency, currency exchange (Diablo currency), Wright coins, coins and dollar little.


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