Gemalto application for block chain identity security patent

nnnThe current centralized identity mechanism poses a significant risk of economic loss to the community, so the digital security service provider Gemalto plans to apply for a user-trusted identity security scheme based on the public key private key pair, using the block chain transaction record , Verify and search for identity information. Regardless of whether the patent is approved, at least to the chain of chain research and development opened a new direction.n
nnTranslation: Annie_Xun
nDigital security service provider Gemalto wants to declare sovereignty in the area of ‚Äč‚Äčemerging block chain identity.n
nThe patent application filed by the USPTO, US Patent and Trademark Office shows that Gemalto wants to protect user-trusted identity security schemes based on public key private key pairing and create block chain transactions for identity information storage, Verification and search.n
nAt present, the credible identities used to verify identity are issued centrally in the areas of taxation, banking services, employment, social welfare and so on. But with the increase in financial risk as identity theft and fraud, billions of dollars in US funds are at risk, and block chains are increasingly safer potential solutions, which are welcome cases such as Accenture, Microsoft and other companies Then
n”This type of fraud is likely to occur because there is no simple way to verify the trustworthiness of the identity owner, that is, as long as the validity of the identity is controlled, the thief can use the identity of the theft.”n
nThe patent was filed in December 2015, but it is not yet known whether it will pass the approval.n
nHowever, the current high patent to Gemalto in the chain chain area to add a new focus, because the previous focus is still the block chain and Internet of Things technology (IoT) cross field. In January, the company joined the corporate alliance of Cisco and Bosch.n
nGemalto has said it believes there will be two waves of block chain development climax, the first wave to financial institutions as the leading, the second wave is driven by IoT applications.n

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