Gemini adds support to the cash transactions and Trusteeship of the special currency on the ABC network

Encrypted currency exchange Gemini today announced support for bitcoin cash (BCH) and managed transactions, and posting on its official blog in December 8th. In the United States, Gemini was founded in 2015 by the Winklevoss brothers.

The exchange points out, at present, it is “only bitcoin ABC network support, the network on the platform is identified as” Code: BCH bitcoin cash”.

Gemini claims that they “will continue to assess the bitcoin cash SV in the next few weeks or months, we may choose to support the future bitcoin trading cash SV.”

In order to ensure legal compliance, the company claims is encrypted currency exchange and the custodian the most regulated world, allegedly “and State Department of financial services (NYSDFS) in close cooperation, approved for bitcoin cash transactions and hosting services”.

In the controversial, bitcoin bitcoin cash SV and cash ABC is a two block chain contention bitcoin cash. Block chain network reported, when bitcoin cash SV supporters and billionaire industrialist Calvin Ayre announced that no longer need bitcoin cash name, encryption is often referred to as the “war” ended in the monetary community.

October, approved by the regulatory authorities, to provide the main currency Litecoin encryption (LTC) transactions. Gemini vice president of Engineering Eric Winer noticed that Gemini completely “bank compliance and trust obligations under the supervision of NYDFS”. He said that due to the close cooperation with regulators, Wright currency transaction support can be realized, and the exchange is to “safety first” approach to new assets.

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