German blockchain Bundesverband lobbying group: The government “welcomes the blockchain industry”

nComment: The German blockchain lobbying group block chain Bundesverband recently released on Wednesday, February 7 press release shows that the German government is promoting the relevant legitimacy process, so the German blockchain regulation will be “comprehensive strategy” and ” Legal framework support “. In a report, the group also highlighted the positive outlook for the technology and described how the government welcomed the blockchain industry. At the same time, he pointed out that this technology can gain a foothold in Europe only if the problem of a lack of a legal framework is quickly resolved at the level of Germany and the EU.n
nTranslation: Clovern
According to a press release released by Bundesverband on the blockchain on Wednesday, Feb. 7, the German government is pushing for the process of legitimacy. Thus, Germany’s blockchain regulation will receive “comprehensive strategy” and “legal framework support.”n
A positive outlook for the technology is highlighted in a consultancy report on the Bundesverband, a blockchain for lawmakers and lobbying groups, in which the group described how the government “welcomed the blockchain industry.”n
Bundesverband concluded on Wednesday:n
n”The lack of a legal framework for issuance of ICOs and other tokens remains a major hurdle for many German start-ups, and the technology can gain a foothold in Europe only if the issue is quickly resolved at the level of Germany and the EU.”n
nOverall, Germany’s process of making strong moves toward the emerging blockchain phenomenon has been slow, notably in its treatment of the technology, not in line with its neighbor, Switzerland, for its treatment of the technology.n
The establishment of the Bundesverband at the German Parliament in June 2017 and its inception as a direct solution to the slow regulatory progress in Germany show that its mission is to promote “decentralized infrastructure.”n
The report also stressed that the government is now eager to resolve regulatory issues, noting what the block chain still needs to achieve in the German economy.n
The report went on to say: “What’s missing? The possibility of sandboxing in particular for the dynamic blockchain must be established so that new ideas can be tested without human obstacles.”n
n”Only the experience generated in these sandboxes can point to the regulatory needs of the future. There is no room for new ideas that are using legacy tools to solve problems, and the results for both innovators and regulators are not helpful.”n

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