German chemical giant BASF to supply chain block chain pilot

nnnThe German chemical giant BASF worked with Blockz, a chain-building company, Quantoz, and Ahrma, a networking company to test a cargo tracking system based on block-chain technology. The project belongs to the automotive industry accelerator “Startup Autobahn”, which was supported by Daimler, is the first known case for chemical giant to explore the block chain application.n
nnTranslation: Annie_Xun
nGerman chemical giant BASF (BASF) revealed in the study of the chain chain in tracking the potential of the supply chain.n
nThe company’s low-key announcement and block chain start-up company Quantoz and networking company Ahrma co-test a platform to use block-chain technology to track cargo. The project is “Startup Autobahn”, an accelerator that focuses on the automotive industry, with the support of Daimler, the same car manufacturer in the test block chain technology.n
nAccelerator July 25 The exhibition announces the cooperation project, which aims to provide cargo transport and location information in the supply chain. The idea is that the system can be used to track lost car parts and other cargo information and to share it throughout the manufacturing process.n
nThis is the first known case for chemical giant to explore the use of block chains, and the company said the project stems from an increase in technical potential development projects.n
n”We believe that the journey of thousands of miles begins with everything, so we are working with young entrepreneurs who have the potential to transform the automotive industry and manufacturing,” said Jurgen Becky, senior vice president of high performance materials at BASF.n

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