German fast food giant Lieferando uses Bitcoin

nnnIn the recent user upgrade Lieferando in the recent user upgrade to join the Bitcoin payment support for its cooperative restaurant open Bitcoin payment channel, you can on the website and app to get the relevant payment support. This is a major innovation in the field of German consumers, and the German network ordering industry fierce competition may promote the use of Bitcoin.n
nnTranslation: Annie_Xun
nGerman fast food takeoff portal Lieferando began to accept Bitco orders, is the industry leader.n
nLieferando, which is part of this week, has released a number of user upgrades, including the addition of Bitcoat payment support for all co-op restaurants.n
nThe new payment method can be used on the Lieferando website and its app.n

nThis is a bit of currency into the German consumer sector initiative, the German judicial level of encryption currency recognition and use has been very slow.n
nInternet take-over is a very competitive market in Germany, this competition may further promote the use of Bitcoin.n
nMeanwhile, last week the German block chain alliance Blockchain Bundesverband was established in Berlin Bundestag, which will advocate for the technology to create a more open environment.n

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