Get IDG and latitude investment exchange KuCoin, how to share in the global market?

 Get IDG and latitude investment exchange KuCoin, how to share in the global market?

Exchange is the block chain the most “ashes” business. Today, although the head has now, but the fire coins, OKex and coins are an incentive to catch up from behind, the continued influx of.

The permeability of encryption currency still has great room for growth, coupled with the United States, Chinese, South Korea and other markets mature but also fierce competition, digital currency exchange headquarters in Singapore KuCoin vigorously promote the globalization of the layout, and recently announced the completion of $20 million A round of financing from IDG capital, matrix partners and NGC.

KuCoin founder Michael Gan Odaily told the daily planet, the earliest KuCoin domain name is registered in 2014. When no fire coins and OK recently head, Michael and business partners Eric think Mt.Gox experience is not good, then do an exchange website outside the main industry, but not all, then settle a matter by leaving it unsettled. Michael has been concerned about the development of encryption currency, at ETH prices soaring, the heart has always been feeling before if can insist, there may have been a small achievement, and hope to find the Eric business.

“In fact, in addition to the status of the industry, the reason is my personal business more internal. I believe that encryption currency can change people’s lives, money can not replace the current encryption monetary system, but will become a value storage means. For example, now you ask a middle class, how many of his assets, he may be the first reaction of real estate, stock, fund, but he is very difficult to bitcoin as his assets. But as more and more ordinary people to understand encryption currency, asset allocation to the encryption of assets, each person’s ideas will change.”

Due to the implementation of entrepreneurship is unwilling, or fall on the business. KuCoin competitive strategy can experience, global expansion, currency mechanism, license resources four dismantling from customers.

Customer experience : KuCoin believes that the big exchanges are often inefficient, slow response to customer problems. One of the main directions of the financing is to expand the customer service team. It is a large international exchange and blocked a pain point, local operations teams tend to be more understanding of the user. KuCoin in different countries and languages with the localization of the group and operation scheme based on support 12 languages, currently more than 60 thousand people in the Telegram community English, Chinese community of more than 10 thousand people.

Location of Globalization : according to KuCoin data provided by the platform, more than 5 million registered users, more than 70% users from North America, Europe, South Korea, Brazil. Michael Odaily told the daily planet, platform 10 months, live more than 6 million, the latest 24 hours trading volume of more than 4944 BTC (approximately 2200 million). KuCoin in the official news release said, Vietnam, Turkey, Italy, Russia and all the Spanish speaking countries will become the focus of development in the fourth quarter of 2018.

Many sea trading platform facing difficulties and team localization and the local market is not mature enough for. KuCoin hopes to eliminate the problem in the initial team. The company is headquartered in Singapore, with offices in Thailand, Philippines and Bulgaria, China. KuCoin set up the blockchain training center in Philippines, in order to alleviate the lack of talents.

Coin mechanism : KuCoin based on the analysis of large data set up a project library, will automatically grab the project on the market information and scoring platform to help find and select the project. The score of the project itself, technical factors including team background authenticity, community discussion activity and emotion oriented function under sub items close to 100. The database as a first step to assess currency project, through the score after further evaluation and KYC. A year since its establishment, KuCoin has 180 kinds of currency, trading of nearly 400.

License resources : compliance will be the future of monetary and financial industry important encryption barriers, KuCoin is also with regulatory layer contact, exchange for application qualification. At present, KuCoin has reached an agreement in Australia, European and local licensed partners, gradually promote compliance matters.

At this stage, KuCoin currency is still mainly to the spot, early next year will be on the line KuCoin platform 2.0, to join in the social and Info module, and the full stop, the iceberg orders more trading instructions. At the same time, the new platform will also be optimized for large institutions of API, in order to attract more institutional investors. According to the blockchain (Blockchain Transparency Institute) transparency agency statistics, at present, institutional investors contributed only about 20% of the trading volume of KuCoin, and the data in the currency of fire and OKex is close to 70%, therefore, for more offices will also be a force at KuCoin stage.

The KuCoin team now has more than 240, the 80 technical team, customer service team of more than 50. CEO Michael and founder of Gan before the ant gold clothing technology experts, education network and MikeCRM served as the neighbor architect, Yi a cloud service Internet Co such as senior partner. President and founder Eric Don has over 10 years of Internet industry experience, the kite line, served as neighbor network companies such as CTO zuiun wulian.


I’m Odaily the daily planet editor Lu Xiaoming, exploring the real exchange block chain, broke the news, please add lohiuming, please note Name, unit, position and reason.

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