“Get weekly 11.19

According to statistics, think tank, as of November 25, 2018, the global digital currency market total currency in 2071, the total market value of total $118651432683 (about $118 billion 700 million), the total market value of digital currency this week compared with last week lost nearly $66 billion 700 million, a decrease of approximately 35.98%.

This week was the index

“Get” index (DDCI) is a chain have launched the depth data exchange and Top50 Top50 integrated global currency market index. Is divided into comprehensive index, BTC index and ETH index, the reaction in a certain period of time the global digital currency market trend.

At 12:00 on November 25th, when the comprehensive index was 468.24, compared to last week decline of about 34.69%. From the beginning of November 20th, when the fluctuation index has been around 550, 21:40 on November 25th indicate the index fell to 459.91.

The global mainstream digital currency market this week, the overall downward

According to statistics by the end of November 25, 2018, when, at 12 noon, this week the mainstream digital currency markets tumbled

Among them, bitcoin prices fell from $5604.7 to $3706.19, a decline of 33.87%;

ETH at the price of $105.69, a decline of 40.01%;

EOS quoted $3.10, down 33.05%;

BCH quoted $170.14, down 56.69%;

LTC price is $27.87, down 34.53%.

Following this week digital currency market TOP10 digital currency:

This week the market value of TOP30 digital currency

As of Sunday (November 25th), the total market value of global digital currency for $118651432683 (about $118 billion 700 million), the total market value of digital currency this week compared with last week lost nearly $66 billion 700 million, a decrease of approximately 35.98%.

The total market value of TOP30 digital currency for $109781296847 (about $109 billion 800 million), accounting for about 92.52% of the total market value of all digital currency, accounted for a slight rise, compared with an increase of 0.20% last week.

This week the market is ranked first in the bitcoin, about $64 billion 500 million, compared with last week lost nearly $33 billion, a decrease of approximately 33.83%, the total market capitalization accounted for 54.33%, compared with an increase of 1.77% last week;

The second is the reboxetine currency this week, the market value of approximately $13 billion 400 million, compared with last week lost nearly $6 billion 900 million, a decrease of approximately 33.98%, the total market capitalization accounted for 11.27%, compared with an increase of 0.34% last week;

No. three is the etheric Fang, this week the market value of about $10 billion 900 million, compared with last week, a decrease of about $7 billion 300 million, a decrease of approximately 39.94%, the total market capitalization accounted for 9.21%, compared with a decrease of 0.61% last week.

Compared with the same time last week, TrueUSD (No. 26) and USD Coin (No. 29) to replace the Basic Attention and Lisk TOP30 to enter the market. Other digital currency TOP30 ranking no significant fluctuations. Digital currency proportion distribution as shown below:

This week the market value of digital currency TOP30 into the chain, base currency, coins, coins, stable bifurcation anonymous coins, coins, networking, platform content platform, finance and other fields, it is worth noting that 2 anchor stable US dollar appeared this week the market value of digital currency TOP30, namely TrueUSD and USD Coin.

This week, TOP30 market value accounting is still the most common chain, reached 26.67%, the number two is the monetary base, accounted for 23.33%, a third of the bifurcation is money, accounted for 13.33%, TOP30 classification of specific areas of digital currency proportion distribution as shown below:

This week the latest listing of digital currency

According to what think tank data statistics, the global digital currency markets this week issued a new digital currency 1, the number of 88.89% decreased compared to last week. The details are as follows:

This week, bitcoin mining pool share

According to statistics, think tanks, this week a total of 878 pieces bitcoin block. This week the empty block number 8, accounting for 0.91% of the space block. The average miners fee and block reward ratio dropped to 2.62%. This week TOP10 bitcoin mining pool share of the total share of 88.73%, the share of mine pool distribution is as follows:

Weekly news review


1, the world’s first: Thailand’s largest opposition party the party primaries in the block chain

The largest opposition Democratic Party of Thailand to become the world’s first all the party primaries in the block on the chain of the main political parties. In 2014 after a military coup in Thailand for the first time before the election, the Democratic Party is the first full vote elected party leader of the Thailand party.

From November 1st to 9, the Democratic Party by real-time electronic voting system Zcoin block chain support successfully carried out more than 120 thousand voters in the primaries. The party’s application to the center of the document storage system IPFS improves the integrity of the preserved record of electoral process, voters can through two kinds of methods involved in this process, one is to use the mobile photo confirmation need to vote voting application status, two polling stations to vote in the Raspberry Pi operating system manual operation line.

After the vote, IPFS will be used to store encrypted data set about authentication documents and voting machines, there will be Zcoin block hash chain, to ensure that the data can not be changed, and can be the Thailand Election Commission and Democratic candidate audit.

2, Xi Jinping: the release of the digital economy growth potential, enhance the accessibility of the digital economy

According to Xinhua news agency, November 18th, President Xi Jinping attended the twenty-sixth APEC economic leaders meeting and delivered an important speech “to grasp the opportunities in the era of prosperity in the Asia Pacific”. Xi Jinping pointed out in his speech, to insist on innovation driven, cultivate new growth momentum. We should fully implement the “balance of Internet and digital economy roadmap”, the release of the digital economy growth potential, strengthen the digital infrastructure and capacity building, and enhance the digital economy, eliminate the digital divide, allow in members of different stages of development and sharing of digital economic development results, let the people in the Asia Pacific region on the development of the digital economy express.

Xi Jinping said China is building the “digital China”, in the “Internet plus”, artificial intelligence and other fields to harvest a number of innovations. Chinese is willing to deepen economic cooperation with Asia Pacific Digital parties, cultivate more interests and economic growth, into a powerful new energy for the Asia Pacific economy.

Xi Jinping stressed that the world should recognize the trend, grasp the economic fluctuation, a clear future direction, answer time proposition.

3, Canada house finance committee proposed three standard encryption monetary measures related suggestions

According to the Crypto Globe message, Canada house Finance Committee on the proceeds of crime (money laundering) and terrorist financing method (PCMLTFA) discussed the role of money in encryption regular meetings, and outlines three possible measures to regulate the encryption monetary space:

1, legal encrypted transaction registered as a money service business. This will enable them to meet PCMLTFA’s extensive legal compliance, and to help ensure that users of funds.

2, to create a national license in Canada encryption currency exchange operations. Similar to the state of New York BitLicense, this license is only available to the strict screening and background investigation of exchange.

3, supervision of encryption currency wallet, so that regulators can track or monitor any suspicious or illegal transactions.

According to reports, the committee will be down in 120 days to submit proposals to the house.

4, the Korean media: South Korea intends to create “intelligent” electronic government use block chain technology

According to Tokenpost news, South Korean public administration and security department yesterday announced plans to build a “smart government roadmap” and the central and local government agencies, using block chain, artificial intelligence (AI) and big data and other cutting-edge technology, electronic government to set up a “smart”.

According to the November 18th official announcement, the Ministry said the government will set up a consultative body within the scope of the discussion, the implementation plan of intelligent government roadmap. The meeting will be held 11 September 19 to 20 day in the country and the central and local governments and officials responsible for sharing and implementation of “smart government roadmap plan meeting government consultations.

5, the governor of the Bank of Thailand: 3 to 5 years will not be issuing bank digital currency

According to CCN news, the Bank of Thailand (BoT) President Veerathai Santiprabhob said that in the future will not 3 to 5 years in cash into digital currency situation. Because of the complexity and time-consuming of the monetary system, the central bank to create a digital currency (CBDC) process is not easy.

6, the implementation of the new Singapore encryption currency trading payment regulations

According to Financefeeds news, Singapore Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of education Wang Yequan on behalf of the monetary authority of Singapore (MAS) director Tharman Shanmugaratnam, will “pay the bill submitted to parliament” service.

“The bill stipulated by including token service digital payment payment service supervision. The draft of which is defined as “the purchase or sale of digital payment tokens (usually called encryption currency), or allows people to exchange platform of digital payment tokens in singapore”.

7, the government of Venezuela: oil money “representative of the traditional financial system’s victory”

According to cryptonews news, the Venezuelan government claimed to have held an international block chain technology and encryption currency consulting seminar in Caracas, overseas experts attended the seminar, let them take action on national support encryption currency oil money.

It is reported that the national government and media agency Telesur tweeted that, from Chinese, Luxembourg, Russian, Spanish and Mexican experts attended the meeting. The office of the president of the Spanish reference block chain research institute and technology department as saying Llu sMasLuque, “on behalf of the oil money to the traditional financial system’s victory”.

8, the Federal Election Commission: allow encryption currency mining for political campaign contributions

In a memo dated 11 13 April in the American political committee election fund-raising activities of the federal regulatory agencies (FEC) lawyers responding to a proposal for the OsiaNetwork LLC9 startup, the proposal to ask, whether the crypto currency used his computer to raise funds to support mining, this political campaign.

The memo, FEC’s lawyer said, according to the election law and FEC their current regulations, OsiaNetwork’s proposal “is permitted”, but does not belong to the individual volunteer activities, should belong to the individual and common OsiaNetwork donations. In other words, the OsiaNetwork can build a pool of ore mining, but as long as the use of mining proceeds as political activities, donations will be considered from the miner’s and OsiaNetwork’s own contributions.

9, foreign media: India will introduce virtual currency regulation policy

According to the India news station QUARTZ, the virtual currency policy of the government of India and the upcoming.

It is reported that in November 2017, the Ministry of finance of India set up a special review team, by the Minister of economic affairs of India Subhash Chandra Garg, to determine the regulatory framework of India digital currency. An affidavit submitted by the Modi Administration (counter-affidavit) show that in December the group will submit the draft regulation of digital currency.

In April this year, the Central Bank of India (RBI) announced that all regulated financial institutions in India are not allowed to handle encryption currency transactions, who already provides encryption currency service entity must end service relationship in the buffer time of 3 months. To this end, India is a virtual currency exchange will be the Reserve Bank of India and the Modi administration to court. In the October 25th meeting of the hearing, the court asked the government of India in the establishment of the oath refute the findings of the Commission and the field of digital currency policy in the book.

10, South Korea block chain industry revitalization Association: in 2020 the government of the blockchain investment of 10 times in 2019

According to the daily economic news, South Korea block chain industry association chairman Jin Jiongzhu said recently that South Korea block chain industry promotion association will enjoy government subsidies in 2019, the budget will be used for personnel training and technology experiment. In 2020 the South Korean government investment to block chain industry will be 10 times that of 2019, the Korean government has the relevant draft. In addition, local governments are also interested in the development of industry chain full block.

11, Bloomberg: the United States Department of Justice investigation USDT issuers are manipulating bitcoin

Bloomberg quoted informed sources said, the U.S. Justice Department is investigating whether encryption, currency exchange Bitfinex and stable currency USDT issued by USDT Tether push up the price of bitcoin.

Bloomberg pointed out that the Ministry of justice to make Bitfinex and Tether action due to possible misconduct face more investigation. Last year, the two agencies on the financial derivatives regulatory agencies by the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC). The sources said, the United States Department of justice and CFTC in cooperative investigation.

Peng Bo reports did not disclose details of the investigation, the chain did not check to get the App editor, the Justice Department and the CFTC have any related allegations of misconduct on Bitfinex and Tether. May final conclusion is that they do not have any illegal behavior.

The chain have App depth survey articles mentioned, according to Tether, all the USDT have issued dollar equivalent reserve assets as security. But Tether suspected of serious excess, stable currency USDT identity suspicious. But because of alleged nepotism and exchange Bitfinex, Tether face questions about bitcoin price manipulation.

12, British regulators consider banning a variety of encryption currency derivatives trading

According to Finance Magnates reported that in 20 days in London in a speech, the British regulator (FCA) strategy and competition executive director Christopher Woolard said, FCA will prohibit the so-called encryption currency CFDs (CFD) for consultation. In addition, may also include options, futures and negotiable securities.

Woolard said: “we are worried that retail investors are selling some transaction based token derivatives, their (structure) complex, large fluctuations, and often use leverage, market potential credit problems.”

When App news chain was mentioned at the end of 10, this year, FCA said it will consider whether to prohibit the sale of derivatives based on digital encryption currency to retail investors, consulting will start in the first quarter of next year, whether the future under the ban. FCA also plans to seek advice at the same time, will expand the scope of supervision to the asset itself and the exchange and encryption wallet and other infrastructure providers.

Woolard pointed out that the special working group of the British government after the investigation has been divided into three types of encryption currency, bitcoin transactions respectively this kind of type token, type token and type token security function.

13, the Spanish Ministry of Finance Survey 15 thousand encryption to prevent taxpayers, tax fraud

According to the Spanish newspaper El Pa, the largest circulation of s reports, the Spanish Ministry of Finance survey conducted last year about 15 thousand taxpayers encryption currency transactions.

Agencia Estatal de administration Tributaria the Spanish tax authorities the leadership of the Ministry of Finance (AEAT) stressed that as part of the annual tax control plan initiatives, the agency will “new technology block chain in the financial monitoring applications, especially encryption currency” to prevent tax fraud.

AEAT under the national Fraud Investigation Office (ONIF) has investigated dozens of companies operating in Spain, banks and intermediary institutions, selected 15 thousand taxpayers, for further examination of them. AEAT will monitor possible capital gains and operating income of these taxpayers to declare, to investigate whether digital money laundering.

AEAT said: “the use of encrypted bitcoin currency as payment is one of the most challenging requirements of today. In response to this threat, on the part of the tax authorities need to strengthen the use in various types of network information collection and analysis of new technology.”

14, the Peruvian central bank warned encryption currency risk, volatility, fraudulent means

The Central Bank of Peru for 16 days on its official twitter on the recent encryption market crash response, warned the high volatility of encryption currency. Peru’s central bank said: “the central bank does not support encryption currency, they have the risk, because of price fluctuations, fraud case, and may be used for illegal activities. As of October 2018, bitcoin prices have fallen by 56% in November, fell 13%.”

15, the Ministry recommended to carry out the work of the blockchain in areas such as network security technology pilot demonstration project

The general office of the Ministry issued a notice regarding the development of network security technology pilot demonstration project recommendation work, pointed out in the paper that the demonstration projects focus on guiding direction including but not limited to network security, network security monitoring and early warning, new technology and application security, including security for cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence, block chain, next generation network (5G and IPv6), a new application platform or system networking, car networking and other new technology security.

16, the Swiss financial market supervisory authority: encryption of assets and total bank capital ratio should not exceed 4% of the maximum

According to globenewswire, the Swiss financial market supervisory authority (FINMA) has recently identified a maximum ratio of total capital assets and encryption of the country’s banks: should not exceed 4%. Switzerland’s goal is obviously to become one of the world leaders in many industries password government management of its banking system, the FINMA method may become the gold standard of other international financial institutions.

17, the United States of Colorado, and on four ICO under the ban, the first half of 20 to ban

Colorado securities Commissioner Gerald Rome20 signed on for the four companies in the Global Pay Net, Cred LLC, CrowdShare Mining and CyberSmart Coin Invest ICO ban that these companies are on its Web site published unconfirmed data, false promises, claims to be able to provide excessive profits and dividends, information disclosure fully, and distort the facts.

Since May this year, Colorado signed ICO ban total number has reached 18. The State Securities Commission said that at least two pending the signing of the ban, which means that the ICO ban will reach 20. All of these ICO violated the state securities law.

18, Bahrain economic development board CEO Bahrain: no ban ICO, bitcoin blockchain and welcomed

The kingdom of Bahrain economic development board CEO Khaled aylor rumey hopes to 21 century economic report said that in the discussion of feasibility of Bahrain ICO.

Ai Leroux Mai F said: “we are not ICO will be legalized, but consider if there is ICO to enter our regulatory sandbox, how should we respond? Singapore regulators suggested that if companies to raise funds for investment by ICO, with other financing behavior as to satisfy the corresponding provisions, such as the release of detailed instructions into the regulation of financing. Bahrain does not prohibit ICO, also bitcoin and block chain technology welcomed Bahrain’s regulatory sandbox also has several bitcoin Exchange Company, we require them to open a bank escrow account.”

19, Norway canceled the miners electricity subsidy policy sparked controversy

According to Cointelegraph reports, the government of Norway intends to cancel the start of bitcoin miners in January 2019 electricity subsidies. The interests of the industry group ICT made a strong criticism of the government’s actions, chief economist Schjerva Roger of information communication technology said the protest, in consultation with the industry to discuss, or dialogue to change under the legal framework conditions, the government of Norway has been very good in political stability and planning framework conditions aspects of performance, but now the government is gambling with it reputation. In the area when the block chain industry, some people generally agree that the government’s move.

Jon Ramvi, chief executive of blockchain Consulting Group Blockchangers said that Norway will reduce the amount of mining to reduce the price of Norway company and staff. He believes that more miners in the bitcoin network, does not mean that the faster or larger. The only function is to further protect the miners more network, BTC network has more than one year are very safe, no need to encourage more miners.

20, Venezuela to establish a legal framework to promote oil money

According to plenglish reports, the National Council of Venezuela (ANC) to strengthen and promote the legal currency is Petro oil project. Said the business sector plenipotentiary mechanism, diversification and production of the Economic Commission members Gerson Hernandez, the key is to strengthen the legislation on administrative departments to promote recovery, growth and economic prosperity plan. He said, with the national parliament amendments to the anti money laundering law, they announced a legal framework to promote investment in Venezuela, which in turn can legally authorized exchange to carry out foreign exchange business, including oil money.

21, Changsha high tech Zone: give financial support to enterprises settled in block chain, cultivate block chain industry “unicorn”

According to voices online news, today, Hunan Changsha blockchain Industrial Park in Changsha High-tech Zone Information Industry Park listed and issued “some policy Changsha high tech Zone to promote the development of the industry chain block”.

“Policy” that the headquarters moved to high tech Zone Changsha block chain in the field of well-known enterprises, 3 years since the financial support given to settle in the day, the maximum not more than 10 million yuan. At the same time, will also increase the block chain enterprises to support efforts to establish the high block chain industrial district “unicorn” cultivation mechanism.

22, the India supreme court hearing of encryption currency postponed to next year in January

According to coingape news, the India supreme court hearing of encryption currency postponed to January 15, 2019.

It is reported that in November 2017, the Ministry of finance of India set up a special review team, by the Minister of economic affairs of India Subhash Chandra Garg, to determine the regulatory framework of India digital currency. An affidavit submitted by the Modi Administration (counter-affidavit) show that in December the group will submit the draft regulation of digital currency.

23, Chengdu intends to use block chain financial technology service mode helping the private economy

According to a financial report, in November 24th, Chengdu held a private economic development conference, the Chengdu conference to submit “opinions on promoting the healthy development of the private economy (Draft)”. “Opinions” put forward, Chengdu intends to set up a three yuan fund, to encourage private enterprises to expand the development space.

At the same time, the “opinions” also pointed out that the use of big data, artificial intelligence, block chain financial technology service model, establish private enterprise lifecycle integrated financial services platform.

24, the chief engineer of the Ministry of research and development continue to strengthen the blockchain technology investment

According to the Guangdong Provincial Department of news, recently, in the 2018 China industrial Internet Conference, put forward four proposals to the chief engineer of the Ministry of industry and information technology Zhang Feng industrial Internet next work, including improving technology industry capacity, tamp the foundation of sustainable development.

He said that technological innovation is the source of power and the key support industry development. The next step is to continue to strengthen the platform construction, intelligent sensing, data analysis and other general technology, R & D and 5G, artificial intelligence, block chain technology investment, accelerate the construction of technological innovation system of industrial Internet multi field, multi-level, and strive to group technology breakthrough drives the rapid development of industry.

25, the Venezuelan oil bill, money allows for the trading of goods and services

According to news.bitcoin news, the Venezuelan parliament passed a bill to give encryption assets supervision, the legal effect of oil money, allowing it to be used for all domestic commercial transactions, including the sale of goods and services.

Venezuela encryption monetary regulatory official said that the law is the key to help Venezuela break American sanctions, in order to establish a business relationship with the world.

26, Uganda will monitor the encryption assets, bill has been submitted for approval

According to bitcoin.com reports, Uganda will monitor encryption assets, to prevent criminals from using digital currency to deceive citizens. Recently, many citizens of Uganda became the victim of some encryption Ponzi scam (D9, including the club the scheme allows members to use bitcoin to pay a membership fee). Uganda’s finance minister David Bahati said that the government has completed a national payment bill, the bill will be submitted to Parliament for approval in December.


Zhou Xiaochuan: 1, digital currency to competitive development, parallel development or multi program

Zhou Xiaochuan 18 at the ninth Caixin summit that digital currency and electronic payment without opposition, its purpose is to achieve the payment system of high efficiency and low cost and is safe and reliable, so to encourage multi-channel development and competition. The development of digital currency and electronic payment or a variety of parallel scheme, in the competition and development. In addition, must also consider the common demands of today’s world anti money laundering and terrorist financing, in technology development needs to have certain public consciousness. The technology can be used to a good place, can be used for bad things.

Zhou Xiaochuan pointed out that according to the existing concept of digital currency digital currency for the central bank to distinguish digital currency and the private sector, may also include PPP (public-private partnership) digital currency. “Make clear distinction, which indicates that the digital currency and the development of electronic payment may have a variety of programs in parallel, the development in the competition.”

The people’s Bank of Chinese in three or four years ago to set up the research digital currency Fintech, digital currency for research. “This shows that the central bank can research organization in this area, but there is no way to ensure that the study of optimal scheme”, Zhou Xiaochuan said, technology continues to evolve, determine the technology choice is risky, so we should design a multi channel development, competitive system; at the same time, the technology to a certain process in use, this process is to ensure that no matter success or failure, the consequences are controllable.

2, xiongan group uses block chain management platform issued new builders of the protection of wages

According to China xiongan official website news, in order to protect the rights of labor compensation District builders, xiongan group based on block chain management engineering funds, the establishment of new builders wage guarantee fund and the introduction of “gold,” measures for the administration of wage China builders xiongan Group Co. Ltd., with “double insurance” model of the complete settlement of arrears of wages of builders the problem.

It is reported that xiongan group will block chain capital management platform and new builders wage guarantee mechanism combined, when the “chain” shows the project participants not agreed payment of wages, after an hour, the protection of wages will be automatically enabled, block chain platform from group based security accounts to pay the wages of the builders specify the payroll card, let the new builders “gain” cash.

3, Hangzhou block chain industrial park was established today, the first batch of enterprises settled

Hangzhou Municipal People’s Government hosted the “new economy chain block 2018 Hangzhou summit, Hangzhou block chain industrial park today announced the opening of the first batch of enterprises: the Convention topcpu Yunxiang, science and technology, public trust treasure etc..

At the same time, block chain industry alliance was formally established, the industry alliance is by the Hangzhou Municipal Commission by letter, the Hangzhou Municipal Finance Office, Hangzhou newspaper group as a guide, will block chain development application, technology, personnel interaction, update information sharing platform and establish ecological, is committed to promoting the application of the floor, and promote industry self-regulation comprehensive shaping and promoting Hangzhou “block chain” image, the block chain technology can better serve the industry.

4, South Korea’s largest electricity supplier will use the blockchain, create favorable ecological system

South Korea’s largest electricity supplier KEPCO19 announced, will use the blockchain innovative energy solutions, to develop a new generation of micro grid (MG) Open MG, enhance energy infrastructure, especially the local hydrogen economy.

KEPCO said, will focus on, go to the center of the digital carbonization and three key, they are the three big trends driving the future energy industry. In order to increase the energy efficiency and reliability, and no greenhouse gas emissions, Open MG will use the “fuel cell” as additional energy sources, and the use of international technology standards, interoperability, avoid the system bottleneck. The goal of KEPCO is to fully develop OPEC MG, build the first Korean megawatt scale MG.

5, the etheric Fang two digit drop, second high value promotion reboxetine currency currency encryption

When the App display market chain, encryption currency fell collective, Beijing time 20 days around zero, such as currency most exchanges Ethernet (ETH) recently Fang 24 hours tired and fell to about 11%, the market value is reboxetine currency (XRP) counter ultra, XRP become the second bitcoin market capitalization of second high encryption currency.

According to Coinmarketcap XRP website statistics, the current market value of more than $19 billion 800 million, compared with the ETH market capitalization of about $3 billion 800 million, bitcoin market capitalization of more than $90 billion. XRP in the past 24 hours tired and fell to less than 5%, ETH fell over 11%, the last seven days XRP the same tired and fell to less than 5%, ETH fell over 26%.

6, industrial and commercial bank credit financing success upfront payment of digital credentials

According to the card network news, the day before the industrial and Commercial Bank of China through innovative suppliers of factoring, successful upfront payment of digital credentials to provide online credit financing, factoring financing Small and micro businesses for the end of the industry chain.

It is reported that the number of credit credentials refers to the buyer in the supply chain (core enterprise) to the seller (a supplier) payment confirmation as the basis, using the block chain technology, issued by the buyer in the industrial and Commercial Bank of China Industrial and Commercial Bank recognized the alliance platform, and by means of data messages record debt credit credentials, and with the the upstream industry chain trade flows reverse circulation, the industrial chain took a supplier on digital credentials at any time to the industrial and commercial bank debt factoring business.

7, Ping An Bank will use the blockchain technology to create intelligent boutique bank

According to people.com.cn reported that Ping An Bank assistant governor, executive director Yao Guiping said: “our business goal is to do an open, intelligent boutique bank.” He said, Ping An Bank will be based on artificial intelligence, cloud technology, block chain, big data, networking and other technologies to improve the management and service level, comprehensive implementation of intelligent management, marketing, financial management, risk control, payment, operation and financing etc..

According to reports, Ping An Bank in the future will be based on the parent company Chinese Ping An Group’s technical strength and financial capacity, with the scene of the platform for enterprises to provide comprehensive financial services; at the same time, the use of networking, block chain, big data technology, to ensure a low Corporate Banking Services this, efficient and personalized and open system; and open business, will make each production trade links embedded into the enterprise in banking services.

8, bitcoin this month fell nearly 30% this year, the biggest monthly decline

Beijing time 20 days, bitcoin intraday trading below $4400, hit a 13 month low, although back above $4600, but still lower than the earlier this month about $6320 transaction price to more than 27%, if maintained this decline, the cumulative decline in the largest bitcoin monthly month this year will be this month.

When App chain editor noticed, bitcoin 20 in Bitstamp and Coinbase trading price even below $4300.

9, the establishment of “Xuzhou City Public Security Bureau police data of Huaihai Economic Zone block chain share cooperation system”

According to the “Jiangsu Legal Daily” news, as the new policing model development under the background of big data, the Xuzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau has led the use of block chain technology, pioneering the establishment of “police data of Huaihai Economic Zone block chain share cooperation system, realize the real-time data encryption police adjacent city shared between provinces. Today, more than 200 thousand of the chain block on the day of incremental data.

Xuzhou City Public Security Bureau deputy secretary Zhang Fengcheng said that the provincial police dispatched to the previous linkage layers of approval for nearly an hour, the suspect fled early. Now through the application of direct drive technology control block chain control, which greatly saves the time, to combat.

10, Sichuan Dazhou using block chain technology to complete the province’s first cross regional multi linkage remote evaluation

According to the “Sichuan daily” news, Sichuan province’s first cross regional multi linkage remote evaluation has recently been completed. In the open bidding, Dazhou trading center with the new “blockchain information security technology, terminal equipment through interactive multi factor evaluation, expert identity verification, verification and evaluation report signed by the experts, the black technology security, is not easy to be tampered with, effectively ensure the legitimacy of the uniqueness, the evaluation report of the expert the identity and credibility, but also solves the problem of CA is not compatible in different places.

11, CCTV financial “economic information network”: “hard fork” for bitcoin plummeted push

In the CCTV financial “economic information network” in the column, bitcoin the recent collapse of a special report. Liu Xiaolei, director of the Peking University Guanghua School of Management Department of Finance in an interview for the BCH bifurcation is explained, that bitcoin fell over 70% years, “hard to push fork collapse.

Renmin University of China International Monetary Institute researcher Li Hong said: with digital currency itself now, creating no social profits, more from the hype, weakening confidence will inevitably lead to the retail selling, also make the digital currency market will continue to decline in may.

12, bit, launched a new crypto currency refinery in Washington

According to btcmanager news, bitcoin mining equipment manufacturers opened a $20 million new crypto currency mines in eastern Wenatchee area of Washington state in the United states.

Bit, North American operations director Jeff Stearns said, when experiencing the bearish trend in the encryption of the currency market, bitcoin currency prices fell and the copycat is a great opportunity for the company.

13, bitcoin futures fell out of the end of two, a history of low

The United States in November 21st, two American exchange bitcoin futures contract closed up, but failed to re $4400, had to close for two consecutive days of record lows last week, fell about 14%, fell for three weeks.

The world’s largest futures exchange, the United States Chicago Institute (CME) bitcoin BTC January futures contract closed up more than 3.55%, to close at $4375, 20 fell more than 12.25%, to close at $4225, down more than 13.97% tired last week.

The largest U.S. options exchange Cboe XBT bitcoin futures contract in January closed up more than 0.23%, to close at $4375, down 20, about 9.11%, to close at $4365, down about 14.35% tired last week.

14, economic information daily: for bitcoin into common means of extortion network

Xinhuanet.com reported Economic Information Daily today issued a secret now common means of network extortion, of which 360 Enterprises Safety Research Institute president Pei Zhiyong told reporters, compared with the traditional sale hackers to steal personal information, extortion of more substantial economic benefits. According to market pricing, a personal information about 5 cents, while the network demanded in 1 to 100 thousand yuan. With the appearance of virtual currency, in order to facilitate money laundering, avoid tracking, almost all hackers are asking for bitcoin.

It is reported that the “mining” is realized more quickly. Now the attacker will directly mining Trojan intrusion site or cloud server platform or mobile phone and Internet intrusion devices, these devices help you control the use of Trojan horse mining virtual currency, after the money directly into his pocket. And, the encryption algorithm used by attackers are in line with the international standard cryptographic algorithm, has been widely recognized as unbreakable. The attacker even the backup server is locked, so that the victim can not lift the attack in technology.

15, Australia: the Cong BCH old chain will eventually die and leave space for the new network

According to bitcoinexchangeguide reports, according to Australia (Craig Wright) the Cong said, the new chain will destroy the old chain, because SV can provide better technology, higher ability of hash can be initiated in 51%, the old chain of attacks, the old chain will eventually die and leave space for the new network. However, Roger Ver said BCH ABC will not leave, he believes that the current operator can maintain the network for several months. If he needs to do so, you can choose to maintain ten years. The reality is that the two chains every day in the new mining area, thus increasing the possibility of attack 51%.

16, the United States encryption currency bank parent company wants IPO listed

Silvergate Bank, the bank’s parent company Silvergate Capital Corp. recently to the United States Securities and Exchange Commission submitted a prospectus, plans listed on the New York stock exchange IPO, raise the amount of provisional $50 million.

It is reported that, Silvergate Bank is headquartered in Santiago, is a California state Chartered Bank, began its encryption currency related business in 2013. After May, the “Wall Street journal” reported that the total assets of Silvergate bank rose from $978 million to more than $1 billion 900 million, mainly due to support of the more than 250 encryption currency business.

17, China Merchants Bank industry’s first Internet collaboration platform based on block chain successfully

According to xinhuanet.com news, recently, the first Internet collaboration platform based on industry chain block recently successfully launched the China Merchants bank.

Block chain industry internet collaboration platform based on independent research and development scheme on the basis of China Merchants Bank financial cooperative solutions will block chain vertical technology applied in the supply chain financing between banks and enterprises should realize the scene, collaborative receivable financing process chain.

18, stable currency USDC through independent auditing, foreign firms have enough dollars to support the

According to newsbtc reported recently, Circle Internet Finance issued USDC stable currency, has been officially certified independent accounting firm GrantThornton.

GrantThornton confirmed that the USDC in the circulation balance does not exceed $stored in the relevant account. According to GrantThornton documents, the company said Circle’s bank account balance is $127412240.

At the same time, the smaller the total amount of USDC so far casting, $127408827. This file is on the Circle for GrantThornton request, to check the report of the bank account and casting USDC token balance is indeed accurate. It reads: “the issued and outstanding USDC token does not exceed the escrow account holdings of dollar balances.”

19, said Fang Ethernet likely in the next year 6 months to start the Ethereum 1x upgrade

According to Coindesk news, earlier this month, some time in the etheric meeting a private workshop meeting, referred to a “Ethereum 1x” upgrade, may be launched in 2019 years 6 months.

Although not disclosed, but who declined to Name participants said, developers believe that these proposals are still in the early stages, can not be openly discussed.

20, 360 security guards: encryption software GandCrab new version of money extortion

According to the Securities Daily News, recently released 360 security guards virus Security warned before being cracked old versions of GandCrab for “new virus”. The new version will attack targeted the personal computer, to achieve the purpose of extortion by Trojan horse. Of particular note is that blind market GandCrab for virus seems to bitcoin plummeted, bitcoin is still preferred for ransom.

360 security guards said that the updated GandCrabV5.0.4 version mainly through some copycat piracy, and download software download station communication station. The first step is to entice users to click to install Trojan Downloader, once the download is successful landing, it will be forced into the system process, and the self styled “boot from the startup program”. “This way, as long as you open the computer, the GDCB virus can through blackmail Trojan downloader successfully for Checkin, success in your home computer, and then extort $350 or equivalent, as the world currency bitcoin as a ransom to you by the way to modify the file suffix.” It is reported that if the choice of bitcoin payment to pay 0.083 a bitcoin.

21, bit, is the class action lawsuit, suspected of using customer mining equipment

According to CCN reports, according to the United States District Court filed in North California’s collective action, a bit, in the past few years, in its “initialization” in the process of customers using its resources for their own crypto currency mining. At least one bit, customers and bitcoin miners all miners filed a lawsuit for damages of more than $5 million to the bit. According to the lawsuit, the initialization process, bit machine may take several hours. Therefore, the purchase of 500 or more units of equipment may bring enormous computing power, bit, the actual cost of bit, for No. In the litigation charges must be confirmed in court, even if these allegations are true, bit, defense may also involve the old terms of purchase machine.

22, CoinShares CEO: crypto currency ecosystem, market and industry is still in rapid growth

According to CCN reports, CoinShares CEO Meltem Demirors said that despite the sharp decline in the market value of encryption, but encryption currency ecosystem, market and industry is still in rapid growth. Demirors said, in the service of encryption ecosystem in the company, the value is still growing. Tens of thousands of people in the industry to spend time, energy and money to help the encryption of ecosystem development. The field of encryption of the fund and the Asset Management Co while facing pressure, but because of the long time and survival ability, good performance from the perspective of history. This trend is expected to continue, especially for some experienced large capital, good managers. They can use financial management and distribution strategy, short-term price change, while maintaining the long-term investment prospects.

23, block chain storage in Internet law 10 case verdict

Today, the Internet Law Conference in Hangzhou held, released 2018 annual Internet law 10 cases, of which the first block chain storage in judgment.

This year 6 month, the court formally on the Internet chain, prosecutors can submit online electronic evidence, the notary office, the judicial identification center, CA / RA mechanism, court, ant gold clothing and other chain to witness and endorsement, provide one-stop service for the prosecution.


1, the Singapore exchange for planning the ICO listed company guidelines

According to the “commercial times” news, the Singapore Exchange (SGX) ICO has been planned for listed companies to set up guidelines. The Singapore Exchange Supervision Bureau (SGX RegCo) CEO Tan Boon Gin stressed the obligation of supervision of Listed Companies in the ICO when there have been problems. As part of the process, ICO will be listed issuer to provide legal advice about digital tokens and the auditor calculated opinions of ICO to treatment. The SGX will also provide the relevant to the listed issuer compliance issues list.

2, NYSE Bakkt brothers trading platform bitcoin futures until next year

The NYSE parent company Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) 20 announced that its digital assets is expected on-line trading platform Bakkt Bakkt bitcoin ($) daily delivery futures contract date in the next 1 24 april. When App chain editor noticed, this last month Bakkt announced the time delayed for about a month, Bakkt said earlier, is scheduled to launch in December 12th this year the contract, only to be approved by regulators. The new date now still needs regulatory approval, Bakkt has not yet received regulatory approval.

When App news chain was introduced, Bakkt is ICE and the Boston Consulting Group, Microsoft and Starbucks and other companies jointly established platform, which will launch is the world’s first bitcoin settlement by the so-called real bitcoin futures contracts. The two United States CME futures and Cboe futures is bitcoin cash settlement.

Bakkt explained that the preparation time set the date of the new will give customers more and liquidation. Bakkt CEO Kelly Loeffer, due to launch products need some new processes, to test the risk and risk mitigation scheme for the new crypto currency asset classes, these resources will be applied.

3, the security company found the etheric Fang a new vulnerability, affected by the exchange alleged to have to repair it

Network security company Level K, Trail of and Bits IC3 found that, due to the platform code vulnerabilities, an attacker can extract all ETH many exchange holdings. This loophole and GasToken agreement about the effects of a number of encryption currency exchange.

Level K21 announced, because they do not know how many exchanges have protection measures and so on 11 13 April privately informed as many as possible exchange, advising them on how to repair the system. Level K said, a lot of exchange notice did not actually risk. According to Level K, all affected the exchange has fixed the vulnerability after receipt of the notification.

4, Coinbase was revealed by BCH insider trading profits

According to Coindesk news, recently, according to a Coinbase filed a new revision of collective action, the insider revealed more about insiders last December Coinbase how to use BCH to profit.

The file on November 20th submitted to the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California, the document outlines why the plaintiff that “Coinbase on the launch of bitcoin cash made false and deceptive statements”; how to exchange cash resulting in bitcoin prices soar down bitcoin prices; how to Coinbase insider listed bitcoin cash claim to the sale of the tokens in front of other customers.

5, the Shenzhen stock exchange for Xiao Qing: block chain technology in areas such as bond issuance

According to the Tencent of science and technology news, the Shenzhen stock exchange, deputy director of the fixed income department for Xiao Qing said, if there is no business center, business existence of interconnection, the existence of credit business needs, business is able to code the four point standard will be to determine whether the block chain play a role in the industry reference.

At present, the issue, block chain technology in bond exchange cross-border interconnection and regional equity market in these areas is the.

By the end of 6, the fire coins will stop the Japanese residents digital currency service

Recently, the fire coins to investors said, by December 31, 2018, to stop providing related services to the residents of Japan, after the cessation of trading, can only withdraw money.

The original announcement: 6 months of this year, the company has sent out by mail prior notice, in view of the provisions of the settlement funds of foreign business virtual currency traders provide virtual currency trading services to residents of Japan, up to 2018 years 12 months 31 days, to stop Japanese residents virtual currency trading services.

Huobi Global 11 2018 June recharge stop time for 26 years to 2018 years 12 months 31 days, after the cessation of trading, can only withdraw money. If the customer before 12 31 April to replace Japan virtual currency, virtual currency exchange business registration without treatment of BTC or ETH, need to contact the customer money center.

(text: Zhang Xiaoyang)

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