Geth releases software updates to prepare for the “Byzantine” bifurcation of the APF

nnIn the past, the Geth node software released a new version, which includes support for the upcoming Etherstown Byzantium upgrade and a series of performance enhancements. Byzantine escalation is the first step in the third phase of the “four-step road map” Metropolis (Metropolis). It is reported that the ether square plan to activate Byzantine hard bifurcation next month. The release of the Geth software has been re-encoded, was named Megara, and re-designed the format effect, so that the operation of the Ether Square is more light.n
nTranslation: Clovern
Recently, the new version of the Ether Square Geth node software includes support for the upcoming “Byzantium” upgrade and a series of performance enhancements.n
The release of the Geth software has been re-encoded, named Megara, and redesigned formatting effects, including improvements for the Byzantine upgrade – the Byzantine upgrade is a more extensive “Metropolis” The first stage. At present, the ether square plans to activate Byzantine hard bifurcation next month.n
It is worth noting that the upgrade includes a formal block number for the Baptist upgrade on the Rotsten test network Ropsten. The activation date for the Byzantine upgrade was September 18, but now the block number is officially set at 1700000 and is expected to reach the block within about seven days.n
The new release of the node software in addition to the Byzantine with improved compatibility, but also provides a new performance improvement. Including the need to reduce the amount of data required for the node from 26.3GB to 14.9GB, making the EtherChan run more lightweight. The updated node will also be able to process the contract faster and reduce the filter time from a few minutes to a second.n
Although there are some updates on the final confirmation, but its commitment to the underlying point-to-point protocol bandwidth requirements from 33.6GB down to 13.5GB. In addition, the release also said that the memory cache improvements should be “two orders of magnitude” speed increase.n
In addition, Megera also includes an improved trading pool. In earlier versions of Geth, transactions with higher fees were prioritized indiscriminately – but in the new version, the Geth user’s own transactions would always be given priority regardless of the amount of money included in the transaction Then
In order to improve security, new protection measures for transaction disks force a backup to be created for local transactions when the node crashes. In addition, Geth will also support the Trezor series of hardware wallet.n

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