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nBit coins began to pop, mining is a hobby activity. At that time we are mainly in the home computer, usually using one or two spare graphics card is enough. But today this way has been eliminated. Miners are turning to other ways. And now an ordinary person wants to participate in mining, then digging mining machine is undoubtedly the best choice. What is a managed mine? Before that, let’s take a brief look at the logic of mining.n
nIn traditional computers, enterprises run applications such as web servers, sales databases, and document management systems in a hosted environment. The main selling point of their drivers is security, reliability and bandwidth.n
nIn the digital currency mining, stability is essential, but the driving force is mining profits.n
nSeveral factors that affect the mining profit margins are: the price of the currency, the cost of the equipment, the computing power of the equipment, and the electricity bill.n
nBitcoin itself continues to appreciate, so that mining has become an industry, but also on the mine operator made a new request. So we now have digging special currency custom ASIC mine. Compared with the CPU and GPU, ASIC is more efficient, but still very power. The current miners use about 1.5 kilowatts of electricity. This is the power consumption of heating fans almost.n
nIn addition to power consumption, electricity costs vary from region to region. If you want to live in the United States of Connecticut or Massachusetts to dig Bitcoin, then you need to pay every day to pay the electricity will be far from the state of Worcester, Washington State to pay high tariffs. In China, Sichuan Province, the electricity is also at a low level, so there are a large number of mines built in Sichuan. So for many people, whether in low-cost areas where the deployment of miners will become the most important factors affecting the mining factors.n
nMineral Depository Servicesn
nFor large mines, large-scale production can make it very cheap electricity, and then the electricity generated by customer mining will be greatly reduced.n
nIn many cases, miner manufacturers offer different hosting options. You may buy a miner, let the mine to help you install the miner. And some so-called cloud mining, they may sell you a never see the entity of the mining machine.n
nThe largest-scale mined-managed project in the near term is the Giga Watt project from Venaci, Washington, USA. The project, by issuing the Giga Watt token, allows the toll holders to own the 50-year site free of charge for the mine. Specifically, each token corresponds to a mine power mining mine corresponding to the mine rental, such as a S9 mine power consumption is 1350 watts, then investors only need to come up with 1350 tokens, you can avoid The leasing fee is to host the mine and pay only for cheap electricity and maintenance. After the mine was scrapped, the token was still available to hold the new miners until the 50th year. This model is the industry’s first. GIGA WATT allows ordinary investors to have a very low cost cut into the mining industry opportunities. In addition, Giga Watt’s website can also be purchased on the mine.n
nAt present Giga Watt’s tokens WTT tokens are on sale, the deadline is August 1.n
nWTT tokens to buy official address: https: //
nGIGA WATT Minerals Purchase Address: https: //
nFor investors wishing to learn about the GIGA WATT program, please contact the project representative directlyn

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