Giga Watt – The history of the top mine in the United States


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Many people often compare Bitcoin as a digital currency with real gold. New York Times Financial and Technology columnist Nathaniel Popper even wrote a book on digital money, and named “digital gold”. For gold and digital money, it needs to be obtained by mining. However, the main difference between digital money and gold, silver and other commodity-based goods is that the mining of digital money requires a digital approach.n
nMining itself requires a lot of computing power, which also means that there will be a lot of power consumption. Mining will require a high tariff, which will offset the profits generated by mining a large piece. Therefore, if the mining in areas where electricity is high, the return on investment may be zeroed.n
nIn 2012, by establishing a megawatt scale mine in the northwestern US Pacific, the name is called MegaBigPower. The mine has also officially opened the world of the world. MegaBigPower is the predecessor of the Giga Watt project. Giga Watt is mainly operated by two companies, one is Giga Watt Inc., which is a digital currency mining operations company; the other is Giga Watt Pte.Ltd, which is a mining equipment sales. The cooperation of the two companies also created the world’s largest single mine.n
nGigaWatt is located in the city of Veneto, Washington, which is known as the “power hub of the Great Northwest” because of its hydropower dam on the Columbia River. Giga Watt currently has 5 megawatts of electricity for mining. And in the future this figure will reach 50 megawatts.n
nSince 2016, Giga Watt has made great progress. The team from a team of less than ten people, in just a few months, increased to thirty-five people. In order to meet GigaWatt’s service needs, team members include sales, customer service, operations and technical support. Under the leadership of the team leader, they became a team with strong cohesion.n
nThe Giga Watt project is currently available worldwide for WTT tokens. To allow investors to use the top equipment of the Giga Watt mine free of charge. Specifically, each WTT token represents a mine-free right for a mine facility for a period of 50 years. For example, a regular investor to buy a power consumption of 1350 watts of the miners want to host, then only need to buy 1350 WTT tokens in advance, you can host this machine. The general mine will be scrapped after two and a half years, and the investor will only need to re-purchase the new miner, and the token can still be used to host the new miner until the 50th year. In the daily mining and mining, to remove a small amount of electricity and custody fees, mining income generated by all owned by investors. And investors are free to choose to dig Bitcoin, the ether square or Leight coins, and even other cottage currency. Investors only need to purchase miners can. Giga Watt sells miners through its official website.n
nGiga Watt’s tokens WTT tokens are on sale and the deadline is August 1. The current price per $ 1.15 can subscribe for a WTT tokens.n
nWTT tokens to buy official address: https: //
nGIGA WATT Minerals Purchase Address: https: //
nPlease pay attention to the Giga Watt official public number, and thousands of miners to explore the mining of the road.n


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