Glassdoor: the vacancies in bitcoin and block chain positions have reached the highest level in 18 months

According to a new survey by Glassdoor, although bitcoin prices fell, but bitcoin and block chain industry is booming in china. The study was originally published in mid October, including 18 months from April 2017 to August 2018.

During this period, although in December last year after bitcoin prices began to fall, but the number associated with bitcoin blockchain vacancies and almost every month on the increase, Ethereum co-founder Joseph Lubin consensus sys and exchange Coinbase consensus system the most serious vacancy. As of August 2018, the two industry has more vacancies than ever.

The Glassdoor researchers wrote in the interpretation of these data: “as more and more investors of this technology is of interest to invest in the field of specialization is also accelerating.”

Around May 2017, currency prices began to rise overall encryption. That month, the United States only 234 related positions available.

Half a year later, the price of bitcoin hovering around $6500, the number of jobs is far more than this number, reached 1775 in August this year. The Glassdoor also lists the most popular recruitment market in New York city and Silicon Valley in the top three.

Glassdoor pointed out: “the open job growth since August 2017 far exceeded the growth rate of 200% of the monetary value of encryption.”

Although last year the price fluctuations, but growing vacancies that blockchain investors is still full of confidence in the market, and to continue long-term investment in his team.

The investigation was not only determined to investigate the growth trend. In September this year, analysts found that since 2017, the Asian investment opportunities increased by 50%.

GlassDoor said, in the future, although the block chain industry has recently attracted a variety of concerns, but it is still a long way to go, although the final result of encryption currency and block chain technology remains to be seen, but the blockchain employment market seems to have made a rapid growth for future.

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