Global pool: third mine in the past two weeks, as many as 800 thousand miners shut down bitcoin mining

When the chain (micro signal: ChainDD) November 27th – the world’s third largest mining pool F2Pool “pond” estimates, since 11 months, with bitcoin prices fell and the whole network is down about 600 thousand to 800 thousand miners shut down bitcoin mining business.

Coin founder Mao Shihang Desk said to the fish pond, the estimation results considering the whole network is decreased, and the old mill in the average profit in tough times. Some miners may because of the old models, so the suspension of mining. The fishpond miners of the miners revenue index shows that the average power is about 10TH/s, is expected to lose money now belongs to mining. data show that from November 10th to 24, the bitcoin network is from about 47 million TH/s to 41 million TH/s, a decline of nearly 13%. Mao Shihang said the pond in recent weeks bitcoin is down more than 10%, currently accounts for about 11.4% of the whole network.

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