GMO Internet Tentatively Launches August Cryptocurrency Cloud Mining Services

nRunaway Comment: Recently, Japan’s IT giant GMO Internet announced tentative tentative August launch of cryptocurrency cloud mining services. According to the company, it will launch some promotional activities in March to attract the attention of users. At the same time, the company also said it will put a part of the mined tokens on its GMO cryptocurrency exchange to increase the market Diversification and liquidity.n
nTranslation: Clovern
GMO Internet, a Japanese listed IT company, tentatively plans to launch the previously announced cloud mining service in August.n
The company disclosed in the fall of last year that it would invest tens of millions of dollars in mining operations in an effort to create an energy-intensive Web site that will add new deals to the blockchain and use newly excavated Tokens as rewards. With cloud mining, customers are able to buy and receive hashes and receive rewards, minus any associated costs – but this pattern has long been linked to fraud, including the actual possession of less than the processing power sold the company.n
In a February 9 announcement, the GMO said the company will launch a series of events starting this March to attract users’ attention to the service. This service contract for two years, worth up to 5 million US dollars. Although the GMO mining site has so far not been disclosed, its mining equipment is said to be located in Northern Europe.n
The company said:n
n”There are already a large number of users consulting this cloud mining service, so from March 2018, GMO Internet will hold a public meeting in 9 cities in Japan to meet the intent to participate in this service from all over the world Business needs. “n
nGMO said the service “tentative” was released in August.n
It is noteworthy that the company will put a portion of its mined tokens on its GMO cryptocurrency exchange in order to “increase the diversification and liquidity of trading markets.”n
In recent months, the Tokyo-based company has released a series of announcements related to cryptocurrencies. One of the most prominent is the bitcoin-based payroll system, but only for its employees. In addition, GMO has introduced services that focus on customer knowledge (KYC) and anti-money laundering tools.n

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