Gold, bitcoin bubble block chain or usher in greater development

2018-11-27 07:37 | Zhejiang news client | commentator Liu Wei

Recently, just ushered in the 10 birthday of the “money king” bitcoin, suddenly opened collapse mode. Last week fell more than 25%, 25 on intraday trading below $3500, and the end of last year 2 million compared to the high approximation, can be used to describe “too horrible to look at.”. As the most widely used bitcoin blockchain, once regarded as the representative of the blockchain technology, but after the bitcoin bubble burst, block chain technology or will usher in greater development space.

After all, the collapse of bitcoin more because of excessive speculation speculators after the bubble burst. With a view on the computer “meaningless numbers”, bitcoin has died a day sooner or later, now the bubble was punctured. In the same year, when bitcoin $100, Warren Buffett said it was just a mouse medicine just when bitcoin, close to $10000, the reporter asked Buffett how to evaluate, he said dismissively: “of course it is rat poison. Square!” Thus, the collapse of bitcoin is not an accident, the consequences of excessive speculation is emerging.

Of course, it is undeniable that bitcoin crazy market for block chain technology has played a huge role, many people are so to know the block chain technology. But we can not be both simple confused, bitcoin is a digital currency dependent block chain technology as the underlying support and was born, but as a point to the underlying technology in the future, block chain technology combined with the real economy has great potential in notarization, arbitration and other extensive economic and social fields also have a brilliant future. In this regard, Jack Ma once said, “but the crypto currency is a bubble, but not a bubble chain block.” In the “double 11” 10 anniversary, block chain has become one of the core strategy of ali. Block chain technology should not be “speculation” of kidnapping. With the mature technology and perfect supporting laws and regulations, reduce speculation and manipulation, also can make the block chain technology is more useful in the future.

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