Golden Alliance based on the BCOS platform, heavy launch of the financial upgrade version – FISCO BCOS

On December 15, 2017, the 9th “China (Shenzhen) Financial Information Service Development Forum” hosted by the Shenzhen Financial Technology Association and Huawei was successfully held at the Ritz-Carlton, Shenzhen, of which banks and blockchain The sub forum was hosted by the Financial Blockchain Partnership Alliance (Shenzhen) (“Golden Chain Alliance”) and the Shenzhen Financial Technology Association. The forum focused on the application of the global blockchain and the current status of open source, and advocated building a new ecology of the financial blockchain.n
Forum, the gold chain announced heavy news, will be based on the BCOS platform to upgrade modules and remodeling, and ultimately completed the depth of custom financial blockchain the underlying platform – FISCO BCOS completely open source, committed to creating a deep mutual trust Financial blockchain value community.n
Increasingly prosperous distributed business needsn
With the popularization of a new generation of distributed business models, a large number of innovative businesses and product models have also emerged in the financial industry. The initiation and completion of such a financial innovation business are no longer solely dependent on a financial service provider. Rather, it requires that a number of partners with comparative advantages in the vertical field should have transparent and equal cooperation.n
Distributed Commerce advocates “professional division of labor” and “value link”. By pre-setting transparent value exchange or cooperation rules, new business models after division of labor and clusters generate a great deal of power. Compared with the traditional single-entity-led business model Significant advantage.n
However, in practice, the traditional centralized IT system architecture of the financial industry has been unable to meet such distributed business needs. How to adopt new infrastructure technologies to improve the fault tolerance of technical architecture and business models, promote information sharing among financial institutions, increase the traceability of business processes and business data, enhance the degree of process automation, reduce duplication of reconciliation and liquidation work, and Improve operational efficiency, has become the financial industry is an urgent problem to be solved. As a result, blockchain technology came into being.n

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