Goldman Sachs CEO will participate in the transaction after considering the stability of bitcoin

nRunaway Comment: The recent rise in bitcoin prices, Wall Street CEO’s view is still different from each other. Goldman Sachs CEO’s attitude is not so clear, but a neutral wait and see attitude. Reference notes just emerged from no confidence to accept the process, does not rule out the future prospects of Bitcoin. However, the relationship between bitcoin and illegal activities is also hard to write off, so the future is hard to say. Therefore, his attitude is that Bitcoin will not refuse to participate in the conditions once it enters the financial system.n
nTranslation: Annie_Xun
Lloyd Blankfein, chief executive of Goldman Sachs, is one of the most enlightened Wall Street CEOs of Bitcoin. But he is not as good at Bitcoin as Michael Novogratz does or at the ridicule of Bitcoin as Jamie Dimon, chief executive of JP Morgan Chase.n
In fact, Blankfein said people started to accept it when they did not trust it. His statement shows that in the future bitcoin may be recognized as a way of value exchange, even though it is not widely accepted.n
Blankfein told Bloomberg interview said:n
n”Bitcoin is not for me, but in the past a lot of things that did not work for me were good, and if it was 20 years later it’s been successful, I can tell you why it’s successful, but based on what I know so far, I can not guess it will succeed. “n
Scam tooln
Lloyd Blankfein does not believe bitcoin is bright. With regard to the risks of Bitcoin, he emphasized the use of criminal activities:n
n”One of the main uses of bitcoin is the scam tool, perhaps because you can not trace it back in cash, but cash is sometimes hard to accumulate.”n
nBitcoin may be used for criminal activities, but the world’s most popular currency for criminals is the U.S. dollar, and even JP Morgan Chase was found to have helped fund money-laundering in Switzerland. So of course Goldman Sachs emphasizes this risk factor and of course does not have a strong basis.n
We will considern
Asked if Goldman Sachs considered the Bitcoin investment banking strategy, Blankfein said:n
n”We will look at the situation. If it works, it will stabilize and trade like a stored-value method without fluctuations of up to 20% to create liquidity, and we will consider it.”n
nIf Goldman Sachs really create a bitcoin trading platform, may cause the influx of institutional funds bitcoin. Nothing is more delightful than anyone who favors bitcoin.n

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