Goldman Sachs is expected to further up 50%

nnnJudge: Sheba Jafari, chief chart analyst at Goldman Sachs Group, is expecting a further rise in the price of Bitcoin in a chart of this week, boosting the wave of the fifth wave. Despite the recent ups and downs of the spot currency prices, the full June rose 7.2%, up 158% this year. Goldman Sachs report also shows that Wall Street mainstream companies pay close attention to Bitcoin. And this week, Bitcoin and block chain technology also boarded the investment magazine “Barron’s” cover.n
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nGoldman Sachs Group bullish bit of currency, its chief chart analyst Sheba Jafari is expected to eventually rise to $ 3,950 dollars.n
nThe price is 52% higher than the $ 2576 price for this week.n
nJafari wrote in a chart of this week’s report: “At present, Bitcoin is at the end of 2010 and early 2011 low of the fourth wave, and eventually will be further higher, ushered in the fifth wave.”n
nJafari said: “From the current level, if the equivalent of the length of the first wave, the minimum target is $ 3212, it is possible to extend to $ 3915, which is the first wave length of 1.68 times to reach that level may It ‘s just a matter of time.n

nBit currency nearly three months performancen
nCoinDesk data show that Bitcoin prices since June 11 this year, a record high of $ 3025.47, the transaction price range has been between $ 2,100 to $ 3,000.n
nThe future uncertainty of the bitcoin has made its recent price suppressed. If the developer is unable to agree on the way in which the plans are scheduled to be released over the next few weeks, it is highly likely that the bidders of the bitcoin will lead to bifurcation.n
nHowever, Jafari said, it is certain that “the fourth wave is often chaotic, complex,” Bitcoin may continue to trade in a range of range, and may fall to close to $ 1857.n
nJafari said on June 12 in a note (“Prepared by Volkswagen”) that she was “worried about the recent highs of 3134.” She said traders should “consider re-setting the risk of bullish $ 2330 to not less than $ 1915 between.”n
nBitcoin prices broke through $ 3,000 for the first time on June 11 and fell more than $ 800 to $ 2185.96 after a week. However, Bitcoin prices recovered to $ 2499.98 at the end of the month, up 7.2% in June, up 158% this year.n
nGoldman’s report shows that despite the high volatility in the digital money market, the lack of regulation, Wall Street mainstream companies are more closely concerned about the special currency. This week, Bitcoin and its underlying block chain technology went on the cover of the prestigious investment magazine “Barron’s”.n

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