Google AI briefly showcases bitcoin “crumble economic bubble”

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According to cointelegraph news, earlier today, when a search for the words “coins”, Google AI algorithm in the information on the card shows short bitcoin is the collapse of the bubble economy”.

It is reported that Google in the information on the card, bitcoin is a kind of encryption currency, an electronic cash, then pointed out that since the last 12 months to record highs, the crypto currency has lost the value of 82%, and is widely regarded as a “collapse of the economic bubble”. A few hours later, the card information content has been edited. Google machine learning algorithm has a profound impact on people’s lives, the bitcoin mistakes show so many people to question Google artificial intelligence.

It is worth noting that this is not the first time Google error display encryption currency. Earlier this year, Google has released an advertisement involves talking about encryption currency, eventually led to the widespread misunderstanding. This is how you see it?

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