Google bitcoin keyword search volume increased, the money market is expected to pick up the encryption

Google browser display keywords trend, the global number of weekly search keywords “bitcoin” has reached the highest level since 4 months.

Although the exact number so far this week cumulative search is not clear, but Google released data show that only the last three days of the bitcoin keyword search volume accounted for December 17, 2017 to 23 on the history of the highest weekly search volume 17%.

At that time, the price of bitcoin nearly $20000 at the time of this writing, bitcoin price index (BPI) valuation of only $4226.

Bitcoin keyword search trends

Google trends data further show that the past week global bitcoin search times mainly from Nigeria, South Africa and Austria. Interestingly, the United States to enter the top 20, ranked nineteenth.

Google search for bitcoin reached a seven month high perhaps not surprising, because last week encryption currency headlines, the price fell to less than $4000 lows. The data further show that the day into the $3000 range in November 24th bitcoin, “search volume bitcoin” more than doubled. That is to say, it has long been speculated that the price and Google search trend bitcoin is highly correlated, suggesting that bitcoin prices may rise.

Researcher Willy Woo in a 2017 study showed that Google can be used to detect even search trends and the best time to buy a speculative bubble of encryption currency and worst time.

In other words, low bitcoin search period has been proved to be the biggest financial opportunities, and unusually high amount of time to search tendency as bitcoin a bubble and may soon prices callback warning signal.

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