Google Chrome Clears Secrets to Do Your Own Browser Plug-in for Encrypting Money Mining

nRunaway Comment: “Archive Poster” is a popular Chrome browser plugin among Tumblr users, but recently it was reported that it would hijack the user’s CPU secretly cryptocurrency mining. In order to avoid the user’s computer being so used, Chrome has cleared the plug-in. This situation also shows to a certain extent that as the value of cryptocurrencies increases, more and more bad actors are starting to find ways to carry out mining activities. This unethical behavior should be condemned.n
nTranslation: Inan
Well-known web browser Google Chrome has cleared a browser plug-in, because some people reflect the program will use the browser user’s CPU secretly encrypt money mining.n

A popular browser plug-in called “Archive Poster” allows Tumblr users to quickly capture and edit and publish other people’s blog articles. It is reported that this plugin hijacked the CPU of more than 105,000 users to secretly extract Monroe cryptocurrency.n
The user lashed out in the comments section of the plugin about the phenomenon that it contains the notorious Coinhive platform JS code. Coinhive is exactly the mining site used by Pirate Bay to hijack a user’s CPU for cryptocurrency.n

The plug-in does not require user consent to run the code, as long as the browser is open to the exploitation of cryptocurrencies.n
This process is often referred to as cryptocurrency hijacking. Users can not close it unless uninstalling the plug-in or shutting down the site that is performing the process.n
This plugin was developed by
After the plug-in is cleared, Archive Poster offers another plug-in called SAFE Archive Poster. The plug-in does not give screenshots showing how it works, and its reliability is still questionable.n
Computing power is crucial for cryptocurrency mining because miner’s computers must be able to exploit cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ritchiecoin, Ether, etc. by solving complex mathematical calculations.n

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