Google Trends: bitcoin’s highest point of interest within half a year

Although bitcoin prices in the past week have been hit, but the latest data confirm Google trends, the bitcoin interest soared to their highest point since April this week.


The latest data confirm Google trends, bitcoin in bear markets fell 30% after the rapid rise in people’s curiosity.

At present, bitcoin’s search interest than any time since April 8th of this year. In April 8th, bitcoin prices had soared up to almost $10 thousand from $7000.

In addition, the people of the “bitcoin is dead” (is Bitcoin dead) and “hold” (HODL) and other related terms of interest also increased a lot, reached the highest level since February of this year.

Although the mainstream media will usually fall in the price of bitcoin as a risk indicator, but it is due to the particularity of the existence, some people think, either positive or negative, and any form of publicity is conducive to market penetration.

Google is Google launched a product search application based on log analysis, it analyzes the Google worldwide there are one billion search results, tell a user search keywords in each period is in the Google search volume and the related statistical data. Through the use of this service, we can according to the amount of search to understand the people of the heat for bitcoin trading at what level.

In September this year, the NYSE’s parent company, Bakkt encryption currency trading platform of Microsoft and Starbucks will be established in December 12th on the line. This was a good heavy is widely regarded as the crypto currency market bull opener”. However, on Tuesday announced the news, Bakkt postponed to January 24, 2019 officially launched, then bitcoin prices fell.

As for when the market will usher in, crypto currency investment company Galaxy Digital CEO Mike Novogratz and Fundstrat Tom research director Lee said the market optimism, create and return in place bitcoin also depends on the mechanism of investment in infrastructure.

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