Google will ban ICO and cryptocurrency advertisements from June onwards

nStormwalking Comment: Following Facebook, Google is also preparing to ban the use of cryptocurrencies and ICO-related advertisements on its platform. This policy will be implemented from June this year. Given that US regulators are paying closer attention to and monitoring of cryptocurrency projects, Google’s move is also to some extent supportive of government work. Google and Facebook, the two Internet giants’ refusal to use cryptocurrency ads, may have a big impact on marketing in this area.n
nTranslation: Inan
Google, the search engine giant, has announced that it will begin to change its financial product policy in June this year, which will effectively prohibit the sale of cryptocurrency advertising.n
In a blog posted on Tuesday, Google said that it will begin to change its existing list of restricted financial products in June and will block “including but not limited to ICOs, cryptocurrency exchanges, cryptocurrency wallets, and cryptocurrency trading proposals.” Advertising content.n
The blog wrote:n
n”We will no longer serve this advertising.”n
nThe ban applies to Google’s proprietary and associated advertising platforms.n
Just a month ago, social networking giant Facebook had just announced that it would not allow advertisements involving Bitcoin and ICO to prevent cryptocurrency related promotions from deceiving investors.n
Although Google did not specifically explain the reason for the ban, when it announced the new policy, US regulators have already begun to strengthen the review of some cryptocurrency projects that promote unrealistic investment opportunities and use the Internet. Investors promote themselves.n
Google and Facebook, two of the world’s largest Internet and advertising platforms, are also echoing the US regulator’s efforts to combat suspicious ICOs from state and federal levels.n
As previously reported, the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) also issued a number of warnings, saying that they have made more efforts to supervise the ICO projects that they regard as unregistered securities.n

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