Goolge trends: bitcoin search index rose

Bitcoin prices fell sharply after the emergence of a significant rebound, the public bitcoin interest increased sharply, reached a 4 month high. According to Google trends, the highest level during the period of interest is recorded in a week ago, since then, this trend has been higher than the normal level.

The statistical data based on Google Trends number associated with a given word search. In 2017, bitcoin price “has become one of the most United States” news “search terms.

“How to buy bitcoin” in “how to……” Column number five. In addition, “what is bitcoin” is “what is” part of the second most important search. Bitcoin showed the greatest interest in the country is Nigeria, Garner and South Africa, scores were 100 points, 92 points and 78 points. As a reference, the United States, Canada and the UK was respectively 33, 38 and 36.

These data are important because they show that the use of the public bitcoin how much interest, which may indicate that the possibility of attracting new investors a lot. According to the theory, the two is directly proportional to the connection between Google aims to build the relation and behavior of the bitcoin price, so the price increase causes for a stimulus in the community, update, opinions, and various aspects associated with this trend. This in turn attracts new users to evaluate the news and search, adding new users access to the encrypted currency interest.

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Source: ethereumworldnews

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