Governor of Delaware Signs Block Chain Act

nnnStroke: Delaware to block the chain into the company law process has now completed the final step, officially signed on Friday by the governor, block chain function and legitimacy of the real legal recognition. This is of historic significance to many companies in the state, will promote a variety of related experiments, greatly promote the development and improvement of block chain technology.n
nnTranslated by: Inan
nDelaware is the home of most companies in the United States, and the state governor has formally signed a bill that clarifies the legitimacy of entity companies using block chains for stock trading and recording.n
nDelaware Governor John C. Carney Jr. signed the bill on Friday to bring the bill to a successful conclusion from May 2016. When the bill was filed, the governor was Jack Markell, who initiated a move to improve the efficiency of the government chain.n
nThe Act was amended by the Delaware General Company Act, which was first published in March this year and was officially released in May, with the rapid approval of the state legislator.n
nThe bill also passed an important vote by the state legislature, which, in view of the history of Delaware and the possible impact of the bill, was considered to be “historic”.n
nAs for the bill will have much impact, industry analysts believe that it will allow the relevant experiments carried out, and the distributed books can achieve the hosting, distribution, exchange and trading functions.n

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