Grammy-winning singer’s new album will be available for the first time through the block chain

nnAdventure: Musicians are interested in block chains because the block chains provide them with the opportunity they can not offer for traditional sales. When fans buy albums or songs through an intelligent contract, fans pay for musicians immediately. All royalties are distributed immediately in accordance with the terms agreed by the musician, which is part of the contract for their recording and distribution. Musicians can also better understand where their fans live and help them better develop more successful tours.n
nnTranslation: Dorisn
nRAC is a Grammy-winning album creator and DJ who has just created history. His new album, Ego, is the first album in the world to issue and sell through block chains.n
nThis means that fans can use the encrypted currency and an intelligent contract to pay for his album directly, creating digital receipts and transactions that will not be destroyed or denied.n
nOther artists, Imogen Heap, have used this method before. However, Heap only released a single in 2015, when she said she wanted to try something different. She thought of becoming a new artist in the digital age.n
nShe said,n

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