Grayscale bitcoin investment trust funds in the United States, the first time below $1 billion!

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12 3 April, according to the “Diar” report, Grayscale bitcoin investment trust fund GBTC, the first time this year fell below the value of 10 billion dollars. Allegedly, Grayscale is the only bitcoin investment trust fund.

Although the dollar value of the fund has declined, but the number of bitcoin deposits still record. According to reports, GBTC is the largest investment Institutional Firms encryption currency field. Currently holds more than 203 thousand bitcoin, “Diar” pointed out that the company holds bitcoin account for only a little more than 1% of the supply of circulation.

However, record inflows led to record bitcoin equivalent holdings in December, bitcoin holdings rose slightly last month.

A holding company to start the Grayscale bitcoin investment trust fund.

Although Grayscale bitcoin holdings increased, but other encryption currency based financial products, but have yet to find their own interests. According to the “Diar” said the eight bitcoin non product management assets of only $56 million 400 thousand, accounting for only 6% of the total assets of the sponsors. The report also pointed out that, in fact, the total holdings proportion from the Grayscale launch of Zen funds fell 8%.

Since 2017, bitcoin prices soared, GBTC’s stock price has been steadily falling. From 2017 to 2018 years 12 months 10 months, Grayscale shares between 2 million dollar highs fell 80%.

In July this year, Grayscale released a report, said in 2018 56% capital inflows from institutional investors. Although the bear market speculators and many retail investors, but Grayscale pointed out that, contrary to intuition, the investment rate has accelerated to levels not seen in us.

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