Greece is established first two-way bitcoin ATM machine

Greece is established first two-way bitcoin ATM machine

Spain A company called Bitchain announced that the company was established in July 11th the first two bitcoin ATMs in Greece (BTM), Bitchain is a BTM At the same time, the short distance wireless communication technology (NFC) solutions and consulting services of digital currency.

Representative Adrian Bitchain? (Adrian Verde) said, ‘on the second day of the BTM installation, handling 25 pen bitcoin transactions, trading funds amounted to 2000 euros. according to website reported that the Taiwan BTM withdrawal limit is 1000 euro, currently does not charge any transaction costs.

This test seems to have achieved preliminary Success, but users still questioned whether the red di BTM can continue to operate it. Because Greece is the implementation of capital control, the BTM is placed in the One is called “The Cube”, The Cube of the owner of the red Di online answer users questioned: “I am the owner of Cube The. Greece does exist in capital controls, does not allow citizens to transfer abroad, so if there are any problems, we must take the BTM, all transfer The money is stored in the local bank of Greece, it will not have any capital outflows.”

At present, the Greek crisis plans include tax increases, reducing the user benefit, but not completely confiscate people’s money. Because there is a limit of 100 thousand euro deposit all EU countries, the The capital control plan will not affect the operation of BTM.

Some want to tell Vader in Greece to promote bitcoin entrepreneurs:

“Bitcoin bring people freedom than the euro brings people more freedom, people think that the bank will not betray them, but now the fact that the bank is not to be trusted.”

But the euro zone leaders once again agreed to provide third assistance to Greece, three years of relief funds amounted to 86 billion euros, in this message out in the near future, bitcoin prices fell 10%.

The future of Greece in the EU’s help, may be slowly recovers, bitcoin may gradually decline in Greek influence.

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