Group Co chairman Guo Jiannan super Chinese books: there will be a large and complete block chain to solve all the problems, you need to customize the P.O.D | new potential Summit


In November 28th, 2018 P.O.D New BlockTrend new potential block chain summit jointly sponsored by Odaily and the daily planet 36Kr group held in Beijing. Will super books Chinese Working Group Co chair: Guo Jiannan published “blockchain technology” business oriented theme speech. He believes that without a large and complete block chain to solve all the problems, put it into a modular means that you can go to the definition, you can provide a built-in mechanism for their custom. Guo Jiannan super books and IBM in the field of blockchain practice introduces the latest project has some of his views of the chain alliance.

The following is the speech:

Guo Jiannan: Good afternoon, before many guests have said the blockchain do? And what we do? Today I to share with you how we are doing the blockchain, mainly from the practice of the open source community and IBM in the field of the block chain perspective about. I was a IBM engineer, is one of the developers of the Hyperledger Fabric project, I am now as Chinese Technical Working Group Co chair, something is pushing some landing technology and open source development in china.

In fact we have been talking a lot of business oriented block chain, and why we need to chain alliance. We see it as a distributed books (Distributed Ledger Technology, referred to as DTL). This development also followed the accounting technology, from single to multiple books books to share books, is not only a high availability, high availability technology we do very mature. More trust and consensus on the books, but now many applications are built on this basis. I’m just agree with Lee said, block chain could really change the world, change the world but the process is slow, and to go step by step.

Some of the early books used in super industries such as financial services, supply chain and health care, which is in the early to come into contact with more cases. Now introduce HYPERLEDGER. I believe some people here, heard of this program, or some people used, or have been put into production. First, it is a business oriented block chain project, and HYPERLEDGER is not a project, it is a collection of some of the projects.

 Group Co chairman Guo Jiannan super Chinese books: there will be a large and complete block chain to solve all the problems, you need to customize the P.O.D | new potential Summit HYPERLEDGER is also an alliance, it has more than 270 enterprises inside, is committed to promoting the development of Technology Alliance chain, so just like also mentioned a chain alliance, which is hosted on LINUX FOUNDATON launched the project, but I want to say LINUXFOUNDATON and many other projects, such as we have heard of cloud computing container management software Kubernetes is in the Linux Foundation management CNCF project, and we are more familiar with Node.js. Linux provides a framework for open source project management and governance, the equivalent of an incubator. So far only open source software code itself, and community and governance. 2 years project development, code submitted 88K+, there are 5 projects, the framework of project 5, stable release 2, and other 8 in the incubation stage, now there are more than 270 members of the unit have 9 working groups, one of which is where I China technical working group, we in the world will be held face-to-face activities, also very grateful to the Peking University and other units to provide sponsorship.

 Group Co chairman Guo Jiannan super Chinese books: there will be a large and complete block chain to solve all the problems, you need to customize the P.O.D | new potential Summit

The top five is the framework of projects, including the familiar and Fabric, such as Burrow, is the first to support Ethernet Intelligent Fang contracts license chain technology in Hyperledger. Indy is a block chain framework of a distributed identity. Iroha is a Japanese block chain project, and Sawtooth is the contribution of Intel, and after Fabric, 2 graduated from the incubator project in Hyperledger.

Below 5 project tools. The first project is HUAWEI CALIPER contribution, is the evaluation of the project under the blockchain, can block other application chain docking. It has a monitoring system to do the performance evaluation. I like to participate in this evaluation, it has a standard framework, there are some indicators to evaluate the performance and functionality of your block chain.

The second is the Cello block chain framework for deployment. The blockchain is ultimately a software, Cello can help you take the block chain deployed in a cluster, it can be a virtual machine or Kubernetes.

COMPOSEP is the fast development tool chain block. COMPOSER can directly define your assets, you define the relationship between the assets and the people involved in the transaction. A good account of this point will help you automatically generate code, the equivalent code generator.

The equivalent of EXPLOREP visualization tools, such as it can help you to see how much of a block chain network failures, to help you identify some activities on the chain block.

QUILT is a cross link protocol developed by W3C’s InterLedger.

FABRIC HYPERLEDGER is a relatively mature project, its main feature is the licensing mechanism. For example, the alliance chain permits several layers, such as the first layer who can submit block, layer 2 who can record and verify the data layer 3 who can submit or view the transaction. Different layer of FABRIC provides such licensing mechanism and some strategies, so that we can go to the configuration. In fact, this is equivalent to the difference in the largest chain chain alliance public a reason. First I in a business environment I may be with my understanding of people, no matter I don’t trust you, I know who you are, I see you next submitted data is tampered with, or your data is after my approval etc.. So it is a blockchain entry.

The two features of Fabric is modular. We do not think there is a large and complete block chain to solve all the problems, each block has a chain framework for the field. Make it a modular means that you can go to the definition, you can provide a built-in mechanism.

In Fabric, the contract is written using the intelligent general programming language (General Purpose Language), currently supports Java, Golang and Node.js. Most of the enterprises have the ability, but also more willing to use general-purpose programming language to write intelligent contract. In fact, now in the workshop on Intelligent contract Ethernet write can also run in Fabric.

Privacy protection is often referred to as being chain alliance, such as what data can see what data can not see. For the protection of privacy in FABRIC, such as the price data from different suppliers may need protection, but from different suppliers or batches of orders we will share. Which involves a very fine-grained privacy protection function. The last point is the basic need of mining chain alliance or not waste resources to consensus.

This is a global community, so we think the localization is very important also welcome Chinese local developers come here to make contribution. In fact, you do not need to be a member of the HYPERLEDGER unit, as developers from the individual can contribute. With the code to speak, is the most ideal for every technical personnel communication. The other is not just the code and document translation and in close support, basically most of the domestic on-line projects are in close to, so in this part of work is also in China.

Because I am from IBM so also have to mention the company in the field of HYPERLEDGER do. The first is to do a food traceability platform with WAL-MART, the two is equivalent to the cross-border transfer platform. The three is the global supply chain platform with Maersk, global supply chain is quite complex, that is your container shipped from Amsterdam to Shanghai, but you should follow the customs clearance paper container global run, so the electronic is needed. The last one is the identity of the distributed network.

IBM also provides IBM Blockchain Platform (IBP), is a BaaS platform. In the Fabric above provides a layer of packaging. For example, go directly to the Fabric, relatively speaking, the threshold is relatively high, it is good for the development of packaging, so that we can direct business logic. For example, when you are in cooperation with a cloud vendors, is equivalent to you above the maintenance burden you to cloud vendors. One of the bottom layer can be deployed to different cloud environments.

Before you encounter a problem, said the blockchain deployed to the cloud top, is to become the center of the application? In fact it is not so. From the perspective of cloud block chain is not a distributed application. The nodes and the formation of a block chain network, can according to the demands of party, scattered in various public and private cloud. For example, large companies may have their own data center, and small companies are expected to be deployed in public cloud node.

This two-dimensional code you can get a free trial of IBM Blockchain public cloud service and above. The last is to provide our online classroom, not just Blockchain, can speak now mainstream open source project, it is a free micro class.

Thank you.

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