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Swiss Confederation railway company completed the concept of block chain identity management system verification; Venezuela to establish a legal framework to promote oil money; the United States encryption currency bank parent company wants IPO listed……

“What time”, share the moment. Hello everyone, today is November 23, 2018, Friday, I am Hua nan. As you sort of events today.

1, the Swiss Confederation railway company completed the concept of block chain identity management system verification

Swiss Confederation Railway Company (SBB) recently completed the concept of a block chain identity management system verification. Swiss Confederation railway company spokesman Daniele Pallecchi said the project lasted from May to November, aims to use to improve the existing manual process of paper documents based on digital solutions based on block chain audit.

2, hacking the Uphold mail server for bitcoin fraud

According to dashforcenews reports, recently there are hackers through Uphold official email account to send the user to Thanksgiving, black Friday discount, claiming that if the user will bitcoin is sent to a specific address, they will be in the original amount to receive 15% bitcoin. Uphold announced quickly on its social media channels, the e-mail is not from the official Uphold account, and their mail server may have been hacked. Uphold suspended bitcoin withdrawals, and soon announced that all system returned to normal, and plans to launch anti phishing protection measures.

3, member of the European Parliament: block chain technology in supply chain value

According to inverse reports, the European Parliament member Eva Kaili said, the supply chain has benefited from the block chain, but also the future of intelligent contract, Ethernet square style identity and cross-border transactions. Kaili believes that in every area, you can see the development of the blockchain interesting, but in the supply chain value may be more. In addition also can eliminate the friction with the agency, so people should not assume from the cost in financial services.

4, Australia: BCH Nakamoto old chain will eventually die and leave space for the new network

According to bitcoinexchangeguide reports, according to Australia (Craig Wright) the Cong said, the new chain will destroy the old chain, because SV can provide better technology, higher ability of hash can be initiated in 51%, the old chain of attacks, the old chain will eventually die and leave space for the new network. However, Roger Ver said BCH ABC will not leave, he believes that the current operator can maintain the network for several months. If he needs to do so, you can choose to maintain ten years. The reality is that the two chains every day in the new mining area, thus increasing the possibility of attacks 51%.

5, Norway canceled the miners electricity subsidy policy sparked controversy

According to Cointelegraph reports, the government of Norway intends to cancel the start of bitcoin miners in January 2019 electricity subsidies. The interests of the industry group ICT made a strong criticism of the government’s actions, chief economist Schjerva Roger of information communication technology said the protest, in consultation with the industry to discuss, or dialogue to change under the legal framework conditions, the government of Norway has been very good in political stability and planning framework conditions aspects of performance, but now the government is gambling with it reputation. In the area when the block chain industry, some people generally agree that the government’s move.

Jon Ramvi, chief executive of blockchain Consulting Group Blockchangers said that Norway will reduce the amount of mining to reduce the price of Norway company and staff. He believes that more miners in the bitcoin network, does not mean that the faster or larger. The only function is to further protect the miners more network, BTC network has more than one year are very safe, no need to encourage more miners.

6, Venezuela to establish a legal framework to promote oil money

According to plenglish reports, the National Council of Venezuela (ANC) to strengthen and promote the legal currency is Petro oil project. Said the business sector plenipotentiary mechanism, diversification and production of the Economic Commission members Gerson Hernandez, the key is to strengthen the legislation on administrative departments to promote recovery, growth and economic prosperity plan. He said, with the national parliament amendments to the anti money laundering law, they announced a legal framework to promote investment in Venezuela, which in turn can legally authorized exchange to carry out foreign exchange business, including oil money.

7, the United States encryption currency bank parent company wants IPO listed

Silvergate Bank, the bank’s parent company Silvergate Capital Corp. recently to the United States Securities and Exchange Commission submitted a prospectus, plans listed on the New York stock exchange IPO, raise the amount of provisional $50 million.

It is reported that, Silvergate Bank is headquartered in Santiago, is a California state Chartered Bank, began its encryption currency related business in 2013. After May, the “Wall Street journal” reported that the total assets of Silvergate bank rose from $978 million to more than $1 billion 900 million, mainly due to support of the more than 250 encryption currency business.

8.: the central bank before Yao digital currency is needed in the future study of quantum currency

November 23rd hearing, according to the “ninety-eighth series” news, Yao said, the central bank also need to study quantum digital currency currency. Quantum money can solve the classic digital currency double most headaches. He also pointed out that the monetary equivalent of the ideal quantum combined with the traditional currency (notes) and classical advantages of digital currency, and avoid their disadvantages in nature. At present, can be part of the application of quantum technology to provide services for the design and implementation of digital currency.

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