Hashed Health block chain affiliate add new members

nnnSurrender commentary: Hashed Health last year set up a health zone chain alliance to promote the application of block chains in the industry, including data sharing, payment reform, supply chain. March to join the super book of medical and health IT company Change Healthcare announced to join. For the field of customers and partners to achieve the potential of the block chain.n
nnTranslation: Annie_Xun
nHealthcare IT company Change Healthcare joins distributed books union.n
nThe chain affiliated company Hashed Health and health care investment company Martin Ventures led the alliance was established in 2016, the purpose is to promote the block chain agreement in the field of medical and health applications.n
nThe alliance was launched with the aim of using block-chain technology for the medical industry, including data sharing, payment reform, insurance and supply chains.n
nThe new partner is Change Healthcare, a well-known US company that joined Hyperledger in March, which claims to be one of the health care companies that are actively promoting and testing block-chain technology.n
nChange Healthcare chief technology officer Aaron Symanski said:n
nn”Block chains have the potential to realize value-based healthcare, and we want to support innovation to help our customers and partners realize that potential.”n

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