Hdac, a startup in South Korea, tries to secure the future of the Internet of Things

nRunaway Comment: Although the prospect of the Internet of Things is very attractive, but it still faces many problems in the development process, need to be resolved. In order to contribute to this, Hdac, a start-up company founded by the grandson of the founder of Hyundai Group, is focusing on the development of the blockchain platform, hoping to promote the development of the Internet of Things through blockchain technology and share the results of its development to more Many people, to achieve better development.n
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The Internet has undergone significant innovation over the past five years, especially in the area of ‚Äč‚ÄčInternet of Things (IoT). IoT means that excess Internet devices can be connected to each other and produce large amounts of data. Some common examples include portable devices, smart cars and smart home services.n
However, because of the sheer volume of data that comes from users, many old systems are unable to control and use this data for truly meaningful things. Obviously, the problem is that the amount of data is very large and there is a need to clean up all the hidden and unimportant data. But it still remains difficult to make meaningful use. With the expansion of the technology equipment network (the number of devices is expected to reach 80 billion by 2025), the demand for such a solution will also increase at the same pace.n
Blockchain is the answern
A start-up called Hdac (Hyundai Digital Asset Company) is building a blockchain-based technology platform to address the current pitfalls that plague the Internet of Things. The company was founded by a grandson of the founder of Hyundai Group, with the help of the group. Hdac is seeking to create a distributed ledger to communicate quickly and effectively to handle identity, authentication and data storage.n
The company also developed the platform to simplify the process of transferring payments through Bitcoin and Ethereum, creating a bridge from one system to the other. In addition, Hdac platform also developed a double-stranded, that is, a public chain and a private chain, to better improve the transaction rate and transaction volume. This means that the platform is suitable for both IoT devices and industrial networks.n
Hdac offers the flexibility to allow users to choose their own transaction costs, and this system is different from most of the data system, allowing users to create smart contracts. Finally, the system also provides confidentiality, immutability and integrity for handling data on the Internet of Things.n
To benefit othersn
The company believes the best decision is to open up the IoT data control platform to the world through the distributed function of books. To achieve this goal, they are providing investors with the opportunity to participate in their “Token Generation Activities” (TGE). By harnessing the power of the blockchain ecosystem, Hdac will be able to create better new products, connect with other experts and achieve better new developments.n
Hdac’s TGE has started at 9:00 GMT on November 27 and ends on December 22nd at 23:55. This event will create DAC tokens for trading, smart contract creation and data monetization and processing within the system. The company has already acquired 13,000 bitcoin through pre-sale, and no doubt its TGE will be a success.n

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