Heavy Xiongwen: bitcoin suffered a “Waterloo” looted wealth “tulip bubble”?

Just after the ten birthday of bitcoin, did not enjoy the treatment of longevity.

This Wednesday, bitcoin fell to about $5400, this is the first time since August fell below $6000, hit a 13 month low. At present, although a small rise, but still hovering at around $5600. Then there have been many people miss the bitcoin and now there are many people with deep hatred and resentment, lament.

In December 21, 2011, friends @ little bamboo had known almost questioning: Junior have 6000 yuan, what a good financial investment advice?

The same day, the @biockchain (Chinese was proved to be the earliest blockchain community “Babbitt” the founder of long swords) replies: buy bitcoin, save the file and forget your wallet, there have been 6000 yuan this thing, five years later to see.

In the comments, suggestions seem so offbeat long swords and striking, and specifically to understand the small bamboo @ bitcoin, but when may encounter hacker attacks, a small bamboo love adventure @ back.

So, @ small bamboo harvesting a memorable trip, but also lost a chance to become rich.

In 2011, only 3 dollars can buy a bitcoin, but now it needs 5600 dollars. Suppose, @ small bamboo was not carrying the money to travel, but to listen to long clip suggestions to get all the money used to buy bitcoin (about to buy 800 pieces), then, Today, the 800 bitcoin value has more than 3100 million yuan! If a small bamboo @ in 2017 bitcoin ground (worth $19 thousand per gold) sell it, so she is now a billionaire!

Unfortunately, if not.


Monetary revolution VS tulip bubble

Since its inception in 2008 October 31st, bitcoin finally ushered in his ten birthday, the ten year bitcoin from unknown to the public, to the world famous; from priceless, to fall in a row. Bitcoin, in the end is to subvert the old monetary revolution, or looted wealth “tulip bubble”?

The bulls think:

Bitcoin to the center of the initiative, the perfect solution to the government monopoly, wanton issuance, inflation and depreciation of the wealth! Moreover, characteristics of bitcoin from the central bank and the geographical restrictions, so that it can be in the global unhindered circulation, its characteristics of non real name system, but also good protection of personal privacy. In addition, due to the total bitcoin fixed (only 2100 million), as the value of scarce resources will become more expensive as gold.

The bears think:

Bitcoin with tax evasion and money laundering, drugs, pornography, terrorism and other black transactions are closely related, and to the center of the property, violation of the powers of government, will never be a sovereign state recognition and protection, then, who will ensure that the value of it? Although the possibility of bitcoin is compromised is very low, but this does not mean that bitcoin always safe, it still at risk at any time attacked by hackers, and the owner is always facing the “ruin” crisis. As also Xiao He, Xiao He also lost”. The maximum number of bitcoin 21 million, with scarcity and restrict its currency may become the hypothesis of block chain transactions can be recognized and popular, so bitcoin inevitable demand. In addition, the scarce attribute of bitcoin has gold, but no attribute value — the value of gold gold is globally recognized all over the world, no one can replace the metal position, but bitcoin was always faced with other electronic money may replace.

Yes, many slot point of bitcoin, the future is confused, but it is undeniable that the significance of it has been completed: Whether in theory or technology, it will bring the reform of monetary system thinking and enlightenment.

As is the first to engage in martial arts novels who had suffered “dirty” taunt can be without them for the martial arts world of the imagination, perhaps Mr. Jin Yong is unlikely to go down this road, creating a desirable arena.

This is not a kind of ability and luck?


Crazy “coin circle”, bloodthirsty greed

Sadly, the bitcoin innovative “brick” not like martial arts as the originator, leads to Jin Yong’s “jade”, but attracted a bunch of greedy people.

In 2010, bitcoin’s price is only $0.003 / piece to the highest in 2017 soared to $19 thousand / piece, Which rose 6 million times!

Bitcoin price chart (2010.7.1 – 2016.10.22)

Bitcoin price chart (2016.10.10 – 2018.9.10)

Attracted by the huge profits, many people will overnight dreams to bitcoin bitcoin, but at the beginning of the design is set to the competitive nature of the “game”, the longer the algorithm more difficult, mining more difficult. Not everyone has the master algorithm, “mining” bitcoin, most people can only buy by money, but the high price, but not everyone can afford, not to mention at this time already missed the best time of admission.

At this time, a large number of fans with unscrupulous bigwigs began planning a brainwashing ICO, issued their own tokens holding up the block chain and bitcoin attitude, the technology of packing copying into tall * * money, public financing, looking for advertising campaign, big platform, QQ group will then wash the brain, do not have any value with the protection of the currency to copycat leek, Zuozhuang operation price The bigwigs of financial freedom toward the pinnacle of life, is the harvest they go bankrupt with leek.


This trick is not wise, but there are many disk access man fought, why?

The birth of anxiety, the best fertilizer of leek. Good educational resources and limited medical conditions, housing prices skyrocketing in wealth, in the fall, across the channel in the closed class…… Next Pharaoh because of the investment real estate, now worth tens of millions of students; Xiao Song grasp the Internet now, companies are ready to market, I was an ordinary man, why don’t I put the top outlet of heaven?! When anxiety spread between ordinary people, the dealer know: a new crop of Chinese chives, ripe!

Luckily, one of the fastest knife leek harvest. The loser is no voice dumb, success is in the spotlight of the horn “survivor bias” determines that people will ignore a large number of casino loser was selective, focusing very few rich winner. No one is willing to admit that this is a scam, even though I know this is a game of pass the parcel, also believes there’s always the last to enter the stadium and fool, you will be lucky to harvest leeks.

So, Li Xiaolai, this one is no white paper nor written three planning of technological innovation, with a mouth full of “sleight of hand” and “knowledge elite”, in just a month’s time, EOS this “air coin” financing to $5 billion.


Prices plummeted in the investment community, are you afraid of?

The earliest investment bitcoin “prophet”, worth hundreds of millions of persons, who have to play too early to exit the white, lack of confidence crisis suffered late admission, will sell in a timely manner, and the losses were more. Because the issue of currency have copycat was notorious repute, anxiety and get blinded, and lose more money to buy copycat.

But most people still regret that hundreds of millions of wealth lost friends @ small bamboo: even work 24 hours a day at the age of 80, and then to heaven lent five hundred years irreparable loss!

However, there is no regret, no one can foresee. Even if the 6000 yuan of small bamboo @ all bought a bitcoin, but she can withstand soaring temptation? I’m afraid to sell a greater possibility; because enjoyed overnight sensation, and possibility cannot have down-to-earth life.

Sometimes, more rough than detour shortcut. And now, a risk averse but cross Internet Co. She did not grow and break it?

Investment is a kind of belief. I know that the property market bubble, but I firmly believe that a city still had the rise space, then I know I decisive start; bitcoin can never replace gold, but I am optimistic about the monetary system, that I let you exposed to wind and rain is still not give up, as long as there are people who recognized that bitcoin is the circle of circulation currency.

Investment is a kind of gambling, gambling is the courage, mind and self-knowledge. I visited Southeast Asia, that Phnom Penh has investment value, I have my third time to overseas buyers; miss opportunity to become a billionaire, but I know that at the time of their own do not have the vision, then I’ll put the obsession, can do the best in the range; the stock market, all my friends around All in. But I know I have no backing, once the explosion, never recovers, I have reasonable allocation……

I just want to use the risk of firm faith, superhuman courage and controllable, to win an infinite possible tomorrow.

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