[Heavy] Zhang Jinghua, founder of gold apparel, was invited as a consultant LinkEye

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According to the project party revealed that recently Zhang Zhanghua, founder and CEO of the Golden Apparel CEO was invited as a consultant to LinkEye.n
LinkEye is a set of self-developed chain of credit information sharing chain solutions based on blockchain technology. Based on the market integration in China, Southeast Asia and Europe, LinkEye shares dishonesty among alliance members through the deep integration of blockchain technology and credit economy model List, the credit information in series linked to form a true and reliable, comprehensive coverage of the entire social credit information database, effectively promote and improve the social credit system, and ultimately achieve the equality of all people before the credit. Invited as LinkEye consultant, Zhang Jinghua will provide more constructive suggestions and help for the construction and improvement of LinkEye’s blockchain credit database by virtue of his many years of actual combat experience in science and technology and finance.n
It is understood that Zhang Jinghua this master graduated from Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Peking University Guanghua School of Management MBA. Since graduation, has worked for mainstream technology companies such as Motorola, Samsung, has accumulated rich experience in the field of IT, also has 6 years of financial services business experience. Zhang Jinghua actively advocate based on mobile technology, Internet credit for blank credit users to establish credit, to achieve inclusive financial services, which LinkEyen
Committed to building a blockchain Credit Union is an internal and external each other and expansion.n
Technical background, but fond of financialn
From Zhang Jinghua’s resume, we can clearly see that from undergraduate to master graduate students, Zhang Jinghua are all computer related majors, combined with post-graduation experience in Motorola, Samsung and other technology companies, so that his knowledge of technology more in-depth . Meanwhile, along with the rise of the Internet boom, Zhang Jinghua, who once started his own business as a university, began to ponder how to seize this rare opportunity.n
Determined things, will not hesitate to do, this is probably the common characteristics of many successful people. By the end of 2008, Zhang Jinghua resigned from the post of Samsung Electronics headquarters in South Korea. Then in early 2009, he founded “Qianbao Bao” with several Beihang students and received one of the first 27 payment licenses issued by the central bank in 2011, becoming the only company that focused exclusively on mobile payment Full License Company. During this period, it has accumulated a wealth of experience in the micro-payment of financial services to small and micro businesses, merchants and individuals.n
But Zhang Jinghua did not stop. At the occasion of the prosperity of Qianbao, Zhang Jinghua felt the new trend of mobile finance and founded the palm gold service in October 2014.n

Zhang Zhonghua, founder and CEO of Golden Appareln
Strength choice, the achievements of the Fintech dark horsen
With its focus on big data risk management and financial technology research, FinTek Gold Service is a technology-driven Fintech company dedicated to creating an open financial cloud ecosystem that provides diverse groups with efficient and convenient smart financial services and solutions. At the beginning of its establishment, Zhang Jinghua set the strategic direction of differentiated competition for the apparel industry – avoiding the fierce competition in first-tier cities and concentrating its efforts on meeting the demand of “small sum quick loans” for white-collar workers in 23.4 cities. After more than three years of development, the business scope of the palm gold service covers more than 300 cities and 2000 counties nationwide, of which 20% of the cities in the 234 lines occupy more than 80% of the total.n
“Lightning loan” is a flagship product of the palm gold clothes. The product is a diversified integrated service platform integrating diversion, data and credit evaluation. The service mainly serves the bank that does not take good care of “credit white” users. Let those who have feelings, those who help have dreams. This is Zhang Jinghua often mention a word, and “lightning loan” is Zhang Jinghua practice of this sentence. “Lightning borrowing” is mainly aimed at consumer demand in the cities in the second and third tier but due to various objective reasons, the credit rating is not recorded.n
By virtue of the powerful technical and risk control capabilities of the palm gold service team, the real needs of mass user groups were accurately and effectively solved, making the gold service of the palm gained rapid development in just three years. According to reports, the apparel Crowne Plaza currently has more than 24 million registered users, is expected to add users each year will reach 20 million. With a strong development trend and good business layout, the apparel industry was appraised as the “Leading Enterprise in Financial Technology” and “Leading Enterprise in Financial Technology” by a number of authorities and became the benchmark enterprise of financial technology in China.n
Adapt to the new role, optimistic about the development prospects of LinkEyen
For Zhang Jinghua, the depth of cooperation with LinkEye is a mutually beneficial choice. Through the sharing of its own technical capabilities, the Apparel Gold Service and its partner LinkEye jointly create an open financial cloud eco-platform. The LinkEye rich credit information database will also make the palm gold service risk control ability to a new level, to further reduce the financial risk of the palm platform.n
Although not a long time as a LinkEye consultant, but because of the long time before the contact and understanding, Zhang Jinghua brought LinkEye as a household name. “Many people think that Linkeye is to charge everyone, in fact, not to provide more data, large share can get the main benefits, the data provided less but the query more need to pay the corresponding cost of this mechanism of natural company, at the same time Each data is encrypted, the platform side does not store and handle data, this has been the real sharing mode I have been looking forward to, did not expect Linkeye’s Xu Lei took the lead in bigger, this matter will bring great contribution to the industry, the palm of your hand The first to support the public is duty-bound to play an exemplary role for the industry. “Zhang Jinghua said.n
LinkEye Credit Union Shared Chain Solution, developed independently based on blockchain technology, can fundamentally solve the existing social credit information system – including various institutions or companies such as central bank credit reference center and sesame credit – which are ubiquitous Small coverage, isolation of information base and high cost of data transmission. Blockchain technology not only has high security, but also can not be tampered with and has comprehensiveness and openness. It is obviously more suitable for establishing a social credit investigation system that can cross the international community and finally realize the vision of equality before credit.n
Zhang Jinghua said that it is very optimistic about the sharing of blockchains blacklist. Long shared loans, decentralized shared institutions from the operational point of view it is difficult for all to fully trust, only to the center is the future direction. Optimistic about the young Xu Lei LinkEye, will give full support. LinkEye and the palm of the hand of the strategic cooperation for the financial sector to break the island of information, improve the social credit system and establish a good example of the spirit of open and shared Internet is more benchmarking, credit and data value will be more prominent, it will be technology Another revolution in the financial sector.n

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