[Heavyweight] blockchain senior veteran Jeff Garzik joined the space chain together to create a new chapter in human space exploration

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Recently, the blockchain veteran and core developer Jeff Garzik officially announced joining the space chain as a co-founder of the space chain and serving as project CTO. As we all know, Jeff Garzik not only is the blockchain veteran, is also a major Linux kernel engineer, Linux Foundation board members, leading Ethernet network subsystem design, design and construction of Amazon cloud computing clone. He is a real war leader with many dazzling rings in one, with a high reputation in the area of ​​blockchain. The addition of Jeff Garzik will bring huge blockchain technical support to the space chain project, which can provide great support for the project in the construction of open source operating system of space chain, sandbox security technology of blockchain and economic modeling of blockchain , And grasp the project technology development direction.n

Photo: (Right) Jeff Garzik, co-founder of (left) Space Chain, Mr. Zheng Zuon
Assemble human forces to explore space togethern
The space chain is a space exploration program based on human consensus, committed to the development of space applications, space exploration activities. Look forward to using a consensus mechanism that can effectively mobilize the power of all mankind to carry out space exploration is extremely difficult and extremely costly activities and eventually realize the dream of human civilization to space.n
To achieve this consensus in space exploration, the Spacefaring Foundation hopes to work in three dimensions:n
n1. To make space better serve the Earth and integrate the use of existing space resources so that space resources can better serve the earth and serve human beings.n
2. To allow more people to touch the space, support the development of new technologies, reduce the space access barrier, vigorously develop education, let more people participate in space exploration, and concentrate the power of the world on major issues;n
3. To continuously expand the cognitive boundary of mankind, constantly explore the boundary of human cognition, never satisfy the existing cognition, insist on initiating the impact to the border, and endlessly explore and explore more.n
nThe space chain is currently developing an open source spacecraft operating system with block sandbox protection, and based on this operating system, any developer can have a secure environment on the spacecraft to develop their applications just as they are now The same is done on smartphones. There are already a number of space companies wanting to use SpaceChainOS on their spacecraft, such as LEO satellites, GEO satellites, commercial space stations, launch vehicles and their engines.n
Space chain will be launched in February 2018 the first cube satellite blockchain single-node on-orbit, the official opening of the blockchain space trip.n
Explore a sustainable open source community economic modeln
Most of the existing open source projects are based on their own characteristics to attract some areas of interest in cattle, but did not provide developers with financial support. For the long-term development of the project, but also to stimulate the enthusiasm and enthusiasm of every participant in the open-source community ecology so that people from different fields in different countries can get encouragement. The space chain uses incentive token to inspire every open source participant, Thus exploring a sustainable open-source community economic model. This is a completely new economic model pioneered by the space chain, giving every contributor a real payoff, the motivation behind the ecology of a good open source community.n
With the space chain as the carrier, open source cooperation as the core, attached to a good software development environment, the space chain will provide developers in the world a direct access to space applications. At the same time, the space chain will also combine with top universities and companies in the world to develop platforms on the platform through experiments similar to students, increasing the number of talents in aerospace and blockchain industries. Blockchain’s veteran Jeff will lead the world’s top architect team as chief architect of the space chain project to complete the design.n
The advent of the space chain project, so that more open source participants can participate in space exploration, and Jeff Garzik’s accession will surely attract more and more world’s top developers plus space exploration program, so that the real space chain become A space exploration program that brings together more people.n
Jeff Garzikn
Former bitcoin core developern
Linux major kernel engineern
Board member of the Linux Foundationn
Linus Torvalds directly under work 15 years (known as “lieutenant Linux”)n
Leading Ethernet Network Subsystem Designn
Design and build Amazon cloud computing clonesn
DSS chief executive officer, chief scientist and engineer responsible for cloud computing, building network architecturen
Jeff has many years of experience in technology applications. In the early 1990s, he helped found CNN.com. Since then, he has worked for a range of Internet start-ups and service providers. In the meantime, he has been working continuously with open source software projects for more than two decades. These open source projects include the Linux kernel that all of the Android phones now need to run in their data centers.n
In July 2010, after seeing an article about bitcoin by chance, Jeff immediately realized the great potential of being buried behind this once-impossible, decentralized digital currency so he participated in bitcoin’s open source software Development. This is the beginning of bitcoin development.n
Zheng Zuo founder and CEOn
Since 2015, Zheng Zuo began to carry out blockchain research and investment in Silicon Valley, and participated deeply in the quantum chain project. He is a founding leader in continuous entrepreneurs and blockchain industries. Master of Psychology, Columbia University. American Mensa Association member. Draper University alumnus.n

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