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HelloGold is a gold-based financial services platform based on block-chain technology, which relies on Ethernet contracts to achieve gold spot trading, savings, mortgages and other forms of liquidity. HelloGold project will issue two kinds of assets – the two kinds of assets – the GGT, where GBT is the gold anchored asset, mainly used to realize the cash spot flow; HGT is the ICO sale tokens, corresponding HelloGold from the platform transaction fee, (GBT form) of the distribution of rights, does not represent any assets.n
n1) Industry situationn
nAt present, the gold endorsement encryption token has been ZenGold and Digix Global, which is famous, the development is better Digix Global, and HelloGold from the functional point of view is Digix Global upgraded version, because in accordance with the white paper plan, Gold trading and savings outside of the financial function: gold mortgage. From the technical level and development progress point of view, Hello Gold is undoubtedly the fastest, has released a beta version of the Andrews and IOS procedures, block chain and mobile wallet support is also expected in the third quarter of 17 to complete. Business model and the corresponding tokens Ecology, HelloGold and Digix Global similar, are through the purchase of tokens to obtain gold trading / storage fee. But HelloGold’s market positioning is more accurate and effective, HelloGold advocates Pratt u0026 Whitney Finance, for the emerging markets such as Malaysia, they can afford to provide financial products, while HelloGold is the world’s first through the Islamic law certified figures Gold plan, and in full compliance with AAOIFI standards for savings and financing.n
nAt present, the demand for gold trading industry is relatively stable, the market size and demand may be due to the convenience of the escrow transaction has increased, the transaction may also be transferred, so the industry as a whole is relatively stable prospects.n
nIndustry is currently relatively difficult to compete in the field of chain projects, and the project is in the forefront of development, but there are still traditional gold trading is also constantly occupy the market share. Therefore, the industry rating of 7.5 points.n
n2) business modeln
nHello Gold platform (GBT) docking with financial institutions, access to B2B services, pay the cost, to obtain part of the cost. For ordinary users based on the block chain of B2C gold financial services, and charge fees, management feesn
nDonate 2% of the management fee in the form of gold to the Foundation, the Foundation converts it into GBT, and decides whether and how to allocate these GBTs. Opponents and other HGT holders share the likely allocation of GBT.n
nHello Gold’s business model is divided into two blocks, one of which is a GBT-based gold financial service platform that collects users through a variety of services such as providing currency exchange, trading, savings, and mortgages Fees and charges to form Hello Gold’s profits, and 10% of the monthly management fee will be donated to the HGF (Hello Gold Foundation) in the form of physical gold, the Foundation will convert these entities into the corresponding GBT gold; the other One is a HGT-based Foundation creditor’s rights certificate, which can be assigned to the GBT donated to the Foundation by the HGT, which is formulated by the HGF.n

nIt is noteworthy that the chain is recorded in the gold trading IOU, and the real deal of gold transactions need to chain the support of the text agreement, can not be fully automated. In addition, HelloGold’s financial services are provided by a number of financial institutions, and the stable operation of platform services also depends on the good cooperation between the project and other financial institutions. The project founding team has already made great efforts in this respect. Spend a lot of experience to maintain and expand the relationship with external financial services, or through other means or economic mechanisms to improve the problem. Second, the form of funding for management fees is more dependent on transaction fees than the number of users using the platform and their gold savings, so the project’s marketing capabilities and the final market size will Determine the proceeds from the coin investor.n
nThis business model is closer to Digix, but the increase in the gold mortgage service is an extension of the financial services, with a certain degree of innovation. I believe that this business model may be derived in the future as a decentralized bank, to achieve the stability of digital assets savings, lending, exchange and other functions.n
nBased on the above analysis, the business model 7 points to the evaluation.n
n3) technical abilityn
nl Technical architecturen

n n
nHello Gold’s chain-level core technology relies on the Ethernet contract technology, while client-side technology involves application development (Android, IOS), database management (Postgres technology), operations panels, and the integration of these services Back-end (white paper is planned to use Ruby technology) and other basic technologies. The docking with a financial institution requires the use of APIs provided by third parties and contract agency technology (Go).n
nThese technologies now seem to be popular and more mature technology, the technology itself is not difficult to develop, but all the technology into a large complex system has a strong technical challenges. Hello Gold project involves many links with the chain docking work, so failed to achieve all the functions in the chain. There is a clear technical route in the white paper.n
nl GitHub open source:n
nThe project is open source on GitHub, which shows the smart contract for tokens, GBT and HGT.n
nl Development progress:n
nHas implemented IOS and Andrews application development, the two tokens of the contract has been open source in GitHub, is expected in the third quarter will be completed block chain and mobile wallet development.n

nOn the whole, the evaluation of the project 8 points is given at the technical level.n
n4) Team backgroundn
nThe identity of the team is true in Linkedin, there is no bad debt, economic crime, and community negative information. Founder Lee is experienced and experienced in the gold trading industry. Most of the technical team members from the Department of Computer Science, CTO has experience in financial technology development, published a journal (https://www.computer.org/csdl/mags/so/2005/04/s4020.html). At the same time, the project has a large number of market personnel, so that it can better achieve the overall marketing.n
nExpert team of experts, including block-chain development Experienced Yojee Chief Technology Officer Andras Kristof (Yojee is a distributed logistics platform using the ethercomb), multiple blocks of chain projects Zcash, founder of Qtum David Lee, Herbert Chain, Professor of Business Administration, St. John’s University, New York, for many years. Such a consultancy team contributes to the smooth development of the project and the attractiveness of the community.n
nIn summary, the team background evaluation 9 points.n
n5) Financing methodsn
nMainly divided into strategic investors and public sales in two forms, which will be sold in pre-sale or otherwise sold or distributed to strategic investors. The specific token allocation table is as follows:n

nPublic sales are divided into three rounds, each round of the tokens issued ratio as shown above, which the first phase of the public release time for the Beijing time 8.28 12:00 noon, to be in the beginning to Hellogold.org registration, including the submission KYC (identity) data for HGF audit, 24 hours before the start of the contract address will be announced, after the start of a single supporter can invest up to 10 ETH, with the price of HGT issued by the stage to increase the specific price changes are as follows:n

nAlthough the financing approach is more cumbersome, but more reasonable, the participation mechanism to protect the investment interests of each investor, as far as possible to avoid the situation of large funds control disk, and secondly, tokens on the release of the Fund to ensure the adequacy of the Fund. Reflects the team’s confidence in the project and landing. But the first round of community financing less, may cause the transaction is not active. We give 7 points as a whole.n
n6) Operationn
nl White Paper Completenessn
nThere is a complete English and Chinese white paper on the line, in which the Chinese white paper translation is more blunt, there is a small amount of errata. The overall structure is very complete, contains a complete business architecture and technical architecture, technical details are not fully demonstrated, but the overall easy to understand.n
nl website on the linen
nContent on the main site page rich, complete, updated information in a timely manner, accurate expression of Chinese and English pages. Structural interface design is more reasonable, all information is easy to find.n
ncommunity operationsn
nSlack, reddit, Github and WeChat and other communities have been established, but the number of Slack and reddit communities is relatively limited, and the number of micro-participants is temporarily uncertain.n
nProject management mechanismn
nAt the foundation level, the HGF Foundation has been established to maintain long-term operational operations and to develop detailed development plans.n
nOn the legal front, ZICOlaw has been appointed by HelloGold as a consultant to regulatory and compliance matters. They were also commissioned by HGF to provide external legal advice. ZICOlaw is the first and only legal advisor to provide regional integrated network law and related services in the ASEAN region. It has offices in Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam to facilitate projects in Southeast Asia Compliance and legal development, in line with the White Paper development plan.n
nOn the financial mechanism, the project is not yet finalized, but HGF is appointing an internationally recognized audit firm. Appointment results are published on the hellogold.org website.n
nIn summary, the project is in good working condition and the future development plan is clear, the prospects can be expected, the legal and audit protection reduces the risk of investors, be 9 points evaluation.n
n7) Summaryn
nBased on the above comments, the overall score of the project is 7.95 points, the project level is good, the proposed purchase, the future may be considerable changes, the rating may rise.n

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