Hi the 12 Bitlicense Coinsource bitcoin ATM network coverage of the United States 23 states

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On November 28th news, bitcoin ATM network operator Coinsource announced plans to expand into the northern state of New York, in Albany, Syracuse, and Rochester Buffalo installed bitcoin ATM machine. With the increase of the number of machines in the other four states in the United States, now more than 20 jurisdictions operates more than 200 sets of encryption currency ATM machine.

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Walk the road of compliance has been

Headquartered in Texas, ATM network encryption currency operator Coinsource said, is about to install bitcoin ATM machine in the four area in northern New York. This is to the New York State Department of financial services (NYDFS) at the beginning of this month in the latest move after twelfth Bitlicense. It is reported that this is the first time for NYDFS Bitlicense will be awarded to the bitcoin ATM operators, but also from the regulators face the business model of the company’s recognition.

Coinsource CEO Sheffield Clark (Sheffield Clark) said:

We create a Coinsource goal, because I believe bitcoin can provide convenience for those who do not have access to bank services. Now the success of the New York state regulators permit Bitlicense, we will seize this opportunity, let all New York residents access to encrypted assets. Our goal is to develop business in 50 state in the us. With the maturity of the technology and the public to improve the popularity of the business, we will go further and better.

In the United States has covered 23 states

At the same time, Coinsource also announced that its ATM network has been extended to North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland and delaware. This makes the Coinsource operation bitcoin ATM machine (also known as BTM Bitcoin Teller, Machines) in the United States of the area has reached 23 states.

Coinsource general counsel Arnold Spencer (Arnold Spencer) said:

These days the bitcoin ATM machine in the development of the situation in the four states, further evidence of the importance of regulatory approval, Coinsource will strictly comply with regulatory requirements. To expand our business not only conducive to the promotion of the mainstream, but also can be regarded as a typical case, to encourage other enterprises to take the compliance cryptocurrencies road.

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