Hitachi and Mizuho reached a chain development chain

nnMizuho Financial Group (Mizuho Financial Group) and Hitachi Technology Group (Hitachi) reached a cooperation, the development of supply chain management block chain platform. It is reported that the two companies on Thursday announced the construction of the open source superbook (Hyperledger) chain chain alliance on the technology to test the system, the use of immutable books to record orders, invoices and other ways to collect Business-related data, thus simplifying the process required for product ordering.n
nTranslation: Clovern
Mizuho Financial Group is working with Hitachi Technology Group to develop a chain-chain platform for supply chain management.n
The two companies announced last Thursday that they agreed to test the system built on the technology of the Hyperledger chain-chain alliance to determine whether an invisible ledger could be used to record the order, Invoices and other business-related data collected in other ways.n
According to the two companies, the ultimate goal is to develop a record that contains each transaction, and anyone in the company can access the record, thus simplifying the process required for product ordering.n
At present, the Hitachi ordering process includes product ordering, order confirmation, invoice creation, and invoice approval. However, due to technical limitations and reliability issues, this process did not work as expected.n
Hitachi intends to incorporate its Lumada Internet of Things platform into testing to help it collect data and continue to build commercial products.n
It is worth mentioning that this is not the first time that Mizuho has tested the block chain platform for the use case, and the company has recently completed a trade finance test with a number of institutions. Other test items include incentive programs and research laboratories in the United States.n

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