HKEx plans to launch a chain-based market in 2018

nnnThe HKEx plans to launch a private market based on the block chain next year and operate through the HKEX Private Market to help small businesses finance. The statement is the result of long-term research and development of block-chain technology, after the HKEx has revealed the block chain technology into the post-transaction system in the plan. Including the Hong Kong Monetary Authority also with the distributed book business company R3 test digital currency.n
nnTranslation: Annie_Xun
nHKEX (Hong Kong Stock Exchange) plans to launch a chain-based private market designed to help small businesses finance.n
nHKEX Chief Executive Charles Li in the August 1 report details the plan will be implemented through an independent company HKEX Private Market.n
nThe statement is a response to the problem of using local technical resources and whether Hong Kong can do so. Although not sure about the launch time, Li Xiaojia said the platform will begin in 2018.n
nn”Private markets are ‘greenhouses’ before the company can enter the open market at an early stage, and they can carry out pre-IPO financing and other activities on OTC, not regulated by the Securities and Futures Ordinance.”n
nnPreviously reported that Li Xiaojia has been concerned about the chain chain technology to upgrade HKEX operation of the problem. At the beginning of this year’s media conference, Li Xiaojia revealed three to four-year plans to reduce the cost of the exchange, which would eventually integrate the technology into its post-transaction system.n
nThe Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA) also conducted technical tests, and in April revealed that it was working with a number of unnamed banks and distributed book business company R3 to test a digital currency.n

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