Holland bitcoin payment providers launch EmailPay transfer service function

Holland bitcoin payment providers launch EmailPay transfer service function

Holland bitcoin payment service provider Bitwala EmailPay launched a new transfer service, users only need a receipt of the e-mail address, and then enter the amount of funds to transfer it.

EmailPay is a mail payment service. If you want to pay a sum of money to each other, but you do not know the relevant information of each bank account, only know each other’s e-mail address, then Emailpay can help you solve this problem. The user needs to pay 0.5% of the transaction amount of the transfer fee to Bitwala. Complete user registration information monthly maximum transfer of 50000 euros.

This process is very simple: the user to the Bitwala website bulletin board, click “new bills” (the New Bill) button, and then fill out the details of the transfer of information, identification information, agree to the terms, you can use bitcoin transfers.

EmailPay launched QuickPay this function in May when the EmailPay service is the extension of the QuickPay function, Quickpay removed the login name and password for this operation.

Bitwal CEO J? RG von Minckwitz said: “in May, we have hundreds of pen bitcoin transactions. Although we do not know how many of these transactions are carried out through the QuickPay, but our QuickPay function really receive feedback from our users very good.”

Bitwala is a newly established company, open only to the euro area service. When Bitwala started to provide services, each transfer fee is 3% (or at least 5 euros), so for users of the transaction fee is a bit high.

A few months ago, we have been on our user survey, listen to their feedback, the main opinions of users is the transaction fees are too high, requiring lower fees. We will listen to The needs of users, and will try to meet their expectations.”

Bitwala provides transfer services for 19 EU countries: Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy,. Scandinavia, Lithuania, Luxemburg, Malta, Holland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia and spain. Recipients must be in more than 19 countries in the capital, the sender can come from any countries and regions.

“A few months of our transfer business needs more and more customers, especially for overseas customers more transfers. The majority of customers from Eastern Europe, Greece, Romania and Afghanistan Albanian and other countries. In addition, there are from North Africa and India customers.”

Bitwala is the first to provide bill payment service, but this time, the Bitwala service is also some enterprises for commercial purposes.

J? RG von Minckwitz that EmailPay payment convenience will contribute to the popularization and promotion of bitcoin in the eu.

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