Holland court announced that bitcoin is not money “in the civil trial”

Holland court announced that bitcoin is not money “in the civil trial”



荷兰的 The local court of Overijssel A civil lawsuit The case verdict, the results that how to deal with the potential impact of bitcoin in the law of Holland.

It is worth noting that the court believes that bitcoin does not comply with the “common currency” definition of “legal tender” or “electronic currency”, eventually ruled that bitcoin is a medium similar to gold.

This case will set a precedent for other similar action in Holland, to solve the how to evaluate the loss of the corresponding generation did not fulfill the promise of bitcoin transactions. This case focused on two parties in 2012 an unfinished bitcoin transaction. The A to the B (the seller) to buy 2750 coins, but received only 990.

In the purchase, the buyer to pay the full amount of 22000 euros for the bitcoin, bitcoin is every 8 euros, but received only 990 of them, in the seller has delayed the delivery of the remaining bitcoin case, the buyer sued the seller.

The original value of the ruling of the court the seller must repay the bitcoin when buying (about 14000 euros), and also to pay interest and legal fees. But the court did not support the buyer’s claim compensation for losses of 13000 euros for the buyer that bitcoin prices soared in the last year, this is he should gain profit, but because the seller has not delivered him the corresponding amount of bitcoin, which brings loss to him.

The court scrutiny of the nature of bitcoin, concluded that the virtual currency in Holland is not the “legal tender”, the court ruled that Holland’s “legal tender” only to the euro and the European Central Bank (ECB) issued currency.

Finally, the conclusion is that bitcoin is not money, but the digital currency in Holland can be accepted as a form of payment.

Bitcoin investor Paul Buitink told reporters that he would like to see the further development of the case. Buitink is Holland and Belgium in the bitcoin community active members, and he ran a bitcoin website deBitcoin.org. He said, the buyer should continue to appeal, it will benefit the development of bitcoin.

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