Hongkong bitcoin ATM all-weather open

Hongkong bitcoin ATM all-weather open

As a regional financial center closest to the China continent, Hongkong has attracted from bitcoin users from all sides. In May 18, 2014, Hongkong bitcoin users gathered in Mong Kok Commercial Building No. 322 shop to celebrate the Hongkong President bitcoin ATM (ATM) grand opening of the store. Hongkong ATM store for bitcoin bitcoin users open around the clock. Hongkong bitcoin ATM founder Robert Lam worked for more than a month to make his grand opening more perfect. He hoped that his Hongkong bitcoin ATM store is not only a place for users to buy bitcoins, also can become people to understand and learn the knowledge of a bitcoin gathering center.   

The grand opening ceremony of the Hongkong bitcoin ATM store was a huge success. From all sides from bitcoin users gathered in Hongkong bitcoin ATM store, buy bitcoin bitcoin ATM from Lamassu. Thanks to the bitcoin Museum, Lam was able to allow participants to buy bitcoin entities in ATM.  

Hongkong bitcoin ATM Lamassu ATM store is one of the bitcoin exchange by the Hongkong operation time of one of the earliest BitCashOut funded. Lam has received a phone call from the authorities in Hongkong have been informed of his project funds service license required.   

Compared to the HKCEx trading platform not bitcoin ATM, Hongkong ATM shop is the development of bitcoin bitcoin field let people find everything fresh and new. The physical location of the party is important in bitcoin bitcoin economy. Although Hongkong bitcoin ATM Lamassu ATM store with only one-way, but Hongkong will be able to communicate with other users of bitcoin bitcoin users through the network to find two-way trade opportunities. Lamassu bitcoin ATMs in Taipei and Shanghai will be fully operational.  

In the grand opening ceremony of the Hongkong bitcoin ATM store on the success of Robert Lam, said: “the Hongkong ATM shop is very unique in the world, could not find the second. A bitcoin education center like it. I hope we can help Hongkong to become an Asian hub of bitcoin. Today we have come from Macao, Japan, mainland China, Hongkong and Chinese more areas of bitcoin users. I’m really glad I’m doing such an important thing.”

    Bitcoin dancing robot

In addition to the Lamassu bitcoin bitcoin ATM, Hongkong ATM store has two bitcoin dancing robot. The two bitcoin robot can be sent through the network bitcoin QR code remote boot. In fact, users from around the world can make the robot dance. If you see someone in the building, you can bitcoin robot dance to scare them! The bitcoin robot is able to jump 5 different kinds of dances: Happy birthday dance, dance, Robot Fire, Gun robot Robot Mini SideKick robot and chest shaking dance. According to the duration of the trigger bitcoin robot dancing 0.001 to 0.005 coins. The robot has 18 movable joints, and perform some very popular Asian young generation popular dancing and Kung Fu action.

Get generous donation from bitcoin Museum

In addition to the equipment on the bitcoin wallet added in English printing tutorials, two bitcoin dancing robot and all-weather open mechanism. In addition, the Hongkong bitcoin ATM store also display a bitcoin Museum exhibits. Bitcoin Museum generous donation of gold and silver and copper coins physical bitcoin. They have also contributed to the old bitcoin mining drilling platform, so people can close to see the special mining hardware. The ATM store also includes $10000 bitcoin Museum, to highlight the low efficiency of fiat money system. Hongkong ATM shop for bitcoin bitcoin store building blocks. The future will be more bitcoin store, bitcoin’s future is bright.

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