Hongkong bitcoin millionaire in throwing Fuk Wa Street millions of dollars, then arrested for disrupting social order

Many people believe that money is crazy encryption enthusiasts, especially bitcoin, for them is a very abstract concept, usually represent the intrinsic value, and this week, the public negative speculation this encryption circle has been confirmed, a Hongkong bitcoin millionaire paid millions of dollars to the public.

On Saturday evening, reported that in one of the poorest communities in Hongkong Fuhua street and shamsuuipo nearby, found a hooded man, the man is the entrepreneur Wong Ching-kit encryption currency. He allegedly thrown into the crowd of millions of dollars, the public despite a warning from the police fall over each other to pick up the cash.

Hongkong 24 year old millionaire Wong Ching-kit bitcoin from the roof and cast hundreds of million Hong Kong dollars. He said: “he felt like God, he has knowledge about the bitcoin world duty of the church.”

At first, it is not clear who is behind this behavior, the reason is not clear this behavior. However, in the process of local mining, they found a video on Facebook, in this video, Wong Ching-kit in front of the camera that he is to help the poor and robbed the rich. This video has received hundreds of social media sharing.

At first, this approach has been praised, local media praised Wong Ching-kit fall over each other to help the poor population in the area. Not all the praise, and later Hongkong bitcoin enthusiasts LeoWeese said in a blog post, Wong Ching-kit also has many names, but he in the local password ecosystem is very famous, because he led a “pyramid scheme”, then LeoWeese attacked the local media, said this media is on a criminal’s praise.

According to the Asian news channel reported, Wong Ching-kit was arrested for disturbing the public order. In spite of this, many experts still believe that charity is a crypto currency value. Coinbase recently to refugees in Syria donated $10 thousand worth of BTC, a few days ago to the Venezuelan family donated the same amount of ZEC.

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