How Blockchain Opens a New Era for Digital Financial Investment

nRunaway Comment: The application of blockchain technology to fund management has been recognized, and with the advent of the digital finance investment era, a number of major industry players will be dedicated to the new era of finance and trade. Including smart contracts, transaction tracking, cross-border payments, and more. Financial technology, especially the blockchain technology, will be the basic technical capability necessary for the digital financial investment era.n
nTranslation: Annie_Xun
Now you’ve certainly heard about blockchain technology, a digital book that records financial transactions. Because blockchains are accessible anytime, anywhere, the information recorded above is publicly verifiable, making it a good way to manage your finances. While traditionally companies financed through banks and other traditional institutions, blockchain technology has the potential to revolutionize the way companies manage money.n
There are already companies using blockchain. To learn more about them, let’s take a look at the list below. The era of digital finance has arrived and these companies are laying the groundwork for change.n
1, Zen Protocoln
Bitcoin uses blockchain for point-to-point currency trading, and the Zen Protocol is also a platform for peer-to-peer transactions. How to achieve it? Part relying on the company’s smart contract to host and implement the agreement. In addition Zen Protocol integrated, and even bitcoin can be integrated, that is, you can put any smart contract into a bitcoin smart contract.n
The details of Zen’s integration with Bitcoin are clear, and Zen uses a parallel blockchain to see bitcoin networks.n
2, Primechain Technologiesn
One of the biggest benefits of blockchain is achieving transparent deals. So think of the bank’s problems, and then use the blockchain can easily track traditional issues, such as money laundering.n
So the changes that Primechain Technologies brings have been dramatic. The company serves banks nationwide in India and allows customers to deploy blockchain solutions in such activities as anti-money laundering enforcement, cross-border payments, asset registration and syndication. The benefits of using the blockchain for banks in the future are many, such as conducting customer background surveys more efficiently.n
3, IBMn
The blockchain technology that IBM is currently creating will be used by seven of Europe’s largest banks, including HSBC, to support hub-based businesses in international trade. So, in addition to providing the above banking solutions, blockchain can also be used to track payments.n
Basically, this new blockchain, Digital Trade Chain, will be used to help traders track, manage and complete international transactions. When the goods are sold and the buyer’s destination is reached, the blockchain triggers the payment. This is faster and more accurate than what we use now.n
4, Bitwagen
Another important part of corporate finance is how to pay salaries. Especially nowadays, it is more and more popular to hire employees remotely. However, the cost paid locally to employees is very high, considering the automatic processes commonly used to pay salaries: Every month, the money is saved in a U.S. bank account.n
Fortunately, Bitwage has come up with a solution. This is the world’s first bitcoin-based payroll service, meaning any employee can avoid the cost of cross-border funding and the time-consuming process required to complete it. Bitwage founder Jonathan Chester explains, “You can actually see where the money is in the process.”n
5, Chain Inc.n
Finally, Chain Inc. The company is working with financial markets such as Wall Street to completely change the traditional funding process. In fact, Chain Inc. is building a blockchain-based technology specifically for banks, exchanges and credit card companies. These technologies allow them to quickly transfer, store, trade and manage financial assets. In addition, the circulation of these assets will be safer and will pose a much lower risk to the system as a whole.n
The company has partnered with major agencies such as NASDAQ, Citigroup, Visa and Orange. Their involvement and interest indicate how much change blockchain technology can bring. However, this is not unexpected. According to the website of Chain Inc., “The mission is to support smarter and more interconnected financial systems. The crypto books we build support breakthrough financial products and services.”n
What can be seen is that blockchain technology has the potential to change the way global businesses operate, especially financial technology. The era of digital finance has arrived and will only continue to develop in the next few years. If you want your customers and potential investors to take it seriously, the blockchain will be the minimum technical requirement for the company.n

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