How does the current chain of chains communicate with users?

nnnThe company around the chain chain must also uphold the spirit of the block chain technology, including transparency, impartiality and other characteristics, so all aspects of the enterprise should also follow such values, including the exchange with the user. Should change the traditional enterprise and user interaction mode, to the user a better communication channels.n
nnTranslation: Annie_Xun
nBlock chain companies understand that they must abide by all the values ​​of the technology and strive to become democratic, open source, honest and impartial.n
nThese values ​​must exist in all aspects of the company’s business, communication is no exception.n
nIf they ignore this point, the user may only think of them as another one-way, closed, passive company, like the traditional company.n
nCan you imagine 10 years ago, multinational CEOs on Saturday to answer all kinds of consumer questions?n
nFirst of all, it is impossible to imagine, because they do not want to explain to the consumer, and secondly, no one can get the relevant contact, they hide very well.n
nIn order to talk to someone, most consumers must break through. Customer service department received the phone, if appropriate, will pass to the appropriate department, and ultimately if you are lucky, you can receive a reply.n
nUnfortunately, these are not the past state, the traditional company or do so.n
nNew way of communicationn
nTo the center, clear, open, democratic block chain arrival, but also to the company and the user interaction has brought some really important changes.n
nCustomers for the first time feel really involved in the new project to provide their own strength.n
nBlock chain area participants are familiar with: Slack, Telegram, Discord,, and different forums and existing app.n
nBut really important is not what software or app, but how do we use them.n
nThe new company is the driving force of such communities, where they can show their progress and difficulties to the world and talk openly about anything in their respective fields.n
nIt is more important to be honest, (including the difficulties encountered), rather than show the results of forgery.n
nIf you have had this idea, you have the slightest chance of talking to any company’s top management directly, and now it’s time to do it.n
nThe values ​​of these new companiesn
nWhen the company considers this transparent and democratic block-chain technology can give new users what kind of benefits, you can understand why the participating institutions do not have such a value view.n
nIt is interesting to see how the entire ecosystem is upgraded, including the way of communication.n
nThere are a lot of need to do, but I personally humble opinion, we have reached the first milestone, that is, to build a more open source, just the company.n

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