How many people have bitcoin? How they use BTC bitcoin?

An estimated 23 million 700 thousand bitcoin address at present. This accounts for about 0.31% of the total population of the world. In addition, if we consider the bitcoin users usually have more than one address, then only the number of active users will be further reduced.

Remember the father of bitcoin Nakamoto? He must be proud of his “son”. It is said that his account contains 980000 bitcoin, about $15 billion 200 million. This is a very impressive, right?

Bitcoin statistics

1, 457000. The value of more than $10000.

2, the top 100 richest bitcoin address difference in the price of more than $1 billion 900 million.

3, has been downloaded more than 500000 wallet.

4, bitcoin transaction management more than 12000 per hour.

5, 99000 bitcoin sent per hour.

Why do people seldom use bitcoin transactions?

The following is the main reason why people do not use bitcoin:

1, bitcoin is very complex, it is difficult to understand.

2, it is difficult to use.

3, people think that this is a scam.

4, the cost too much.

5, the people of this adventure is just not interested.

6, they think this is a bubble.

7, the risk is too high.

Finder to survey the number of people who use bitcoin

Finder began to understand the distribution of encryption currency in the U.S. population. Specifically, Gender statistical distribution and the level of interest. They reported that 92% of Americans did not invest in bitcoin or any other digital currency, 8% planned investment in the near future. They further found that 10.3% of people have a kind of encryption currency, bitcoin has 5.15% people. People spend on average amount of bitcoin on the estimated $3453.89.

Although it is worth noting that they looked only 2000 years after the birth of adults. (accounting for 0.0011% of the adult population)

The global block chain business and SurveyMonkey (survey monkey) the number of investigations using bitcoin

This survey included 5761 adults in the United States, only 5% journalists have encrypted currency. 21% said they are considering investing in crypto currency.

A survey on LendEDU how many people use bitcoin

LendEDU 1000 conducted a survey of individuals, and a collection of survey participants have bitcoin 13.99%. Otherwise 17.18% people interested in investing in bitcoins in the near future.

What are the people in the use of bitcoin?

Male or female? The millennial generation or generation X? Who use more bitcoin, how many people use bitcoin in different categories? We look at the results of the survey.

Combined with Finder, LendEDU, global business alliance block chain and SurveyMonkey data, draw the following conclusions.

1, male are more likely than women to invest money encryption.

Compared to 2, with members of the X generation, millennials more investment.

3, who consider investing more than the investment currency encrypted digital currency people.

The effective use of bitcoin

In 2017, Cambridge alternative financial center conducted a study, according to reports, the current global currency wallet encryption unique number of active users between 2 million 900 thousand and 5 million 800 thousand. Taking into account the following statistics, this is quite shocking:

1, the world has created more than 22 million bitcoin wallet.

2, Coinbase is the leading exchange encryption monetary field, with more than 13 million users.

3, has 18 million 500 thousand wallets

However, we need to understand the data of Cambridge for active users, rather than to the encrypted currency users. The study used more than 100 from the company’s data encryption currency. The company is located in the 38 of different countries, accounting for the 75% industry chain block.

Now, we can continue to pay attention to other details provided above.

22 million bitcoin Wallet

The data provided by Bitinfocharts, we can see that many wallets may belong to the same person / group. This is because most bitcoin users may have more than one bitcoin wallet, and they use these different wallets to keep their trading cautious and private.

It may also be because they use different wallets for different reasons. For example, some people have a special purse in online shopping. Other people have a wallet can guarantee their bitcoin security (especially the number). However, others have received online payment wallet.

How many Americans have bitcoin

According to the data collected from the surveys, we know that about five percent of the participants have bitcoin. Although the survey and interview the total number not weighted, and the population of the United States is not consistent, the total population of the United States but we can still use it to understand the investment bitcoin.

According to the data that we found approximately 16 million Americans, for we all know and love the crypto currency in dollars. In addition, we can speculate that the general population has heard of bitcoin 60%.

Use of bitcoins in other countries

The trading volume around the world show that the bitcoin trend upward trend. This growth is particularly evident in South America, Venezuela, Brazil and Columbia and other countries ahead of South america.

Africa is currently intense chase, Garner, South Africa and Nigeria and other countries also to open up the road. In 2017 as a case study, in the period from January to November, the number of new users of eToro bitcoin trading than in 2016 an increase of 671%.

Compared with other means of payment, the global number of people who use bitcoin?

PayPal has more than 2.35 million active users, MasterCard has global 6.04 million active users, of which 3570 million American users. On the other hand, Visa has more than one hundred million active users. When we will find this data and actively use bitcoin number comparison, only 2 million 900 thousand to 5 million 800 thousand of the users, we realize that there is a long way to go.

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