How the digital currency ring counter attack turned to death all white tide?

How the digital currency ring counter attack turned to death all white tide?

More like bitcoin, more white makes you hate. A few months ago a new platform is suspected of misappropriation of funds led to the users owe events, bitcoin diehard powder it is the theatre state, instead of white is not set. According to informed, the victims are mostly white.

The night dream, become a lot of white on the motto, but not careful, may also become a funeral inscription. Lost millions of mice in the minority, blind investment, do not know to listen. Of course, there are more and more white work hard to make progress as a pure 24K powder diehard. Understand a diehard daily, is the secret of every white standing.

Bitcoin market is not good recently, so white they don’t naively asked diehard, what is the cause of the fall? If the time to buy, if we are not up, do not lose? Diehard will pat you on the head, until you listen quietly, just put down the bricks. Good throw you down in the article to see several analysis.

At this point, you have to ask you to love loyal friends zhidianmijin. I say I, of course, certainly less white like me such friend, white or loss of so much money on the hand?

Iniesta: understanding turned a diehard daily

Owned several bitcoin APP, die hard to wake up in the morning the first thing to open mobile phone, see bitcoin prices. The first thing after work, open the website at home and abroad pay attention to bitcoin information. Lightly down, and have a large coffee exchange in the industry a lot of research.

The last step is the key, open the micro-blog, about a bunch of bitcoin related bloggers and prepare special software, understand foreign bitcoin technology which is stronger? This is the loyal house technology really. Your every day full of bitcoin breath, heart meditation, only money and bitcoin can not live up to. Of course, many of you are white and soil and luxury, at this time, you have to meet you loyal to show your identity. As the money such as me, welcome you to come to me to discuss bitcoin, drink a cup of coffee in the quiet afternoon talking slowly.

White turned two: do not blindly throw money

A person with more money, blind investment, is a kind of excessive vanity, out of control over the performance carries the dream of riches. A rational person, a visionary investors will make ends meet, waiting for the right time to start.

You don’t say, when Zhao Letian sold the house to buy bitcoin, bitcoin money became big coffee. Careful attention will know what time is he buying date, when future bitcoin good time.

The United States investment masters Peter Lynch said, do not study the fundamentals will buy stocks, like not to see their own hands casually playing cards. This sentence is applied to bitcoin investment as applicable, do not understand the fundamentals will buy coins, do not look like two of his kidneys have bought 4S, 5S also want to resort to buy 6Plus.

White turned three: pick a stable platform

Mice are usually not pull the horse, really want to invest in bitcoins, choose a stable bitcoin trading platform. Recently, a new trading platform for events and those who owe fraud, exactly the same means the platform run away. The first page is now open and not open, then users have been kicked out of the official QQ group, and then you come in the psychological reaction, found in the bitcoin trading platform has been unable to put money. At the end of the game, or run away, or to pay back the money and the police caught.

Also know that the money people stupid white why always choose the new platform for money, usually a new platform in order to draw the user registration, will engage in some seemingly large clams. Only with the street dance (this is a Guangdong proverb, written words, the pie fall from the sky to play, and cash) or low cost free to attract white.

I have the strength of the platform, will be in the development and stability will introduce some benefit preferential activities. In my humble opinion, choose some business transactions with bitcoin trading platform for more than a year of history. I don’t know if you find bitcoin trading platform development history of many business down or run away is not more than one year.

White turned four: quiet as a loyal man

  炒币风潮如洪水猛兽般朝你涌来,非小白之辈所能抵挡应对。 Bitcoin development has only to invest, you only do a diehard big, small bulk, large coffee or early broken dreams. You beat the diehard is not clever, but not naive, but innocent! No matter where white identity fails, Confucius had a prophetic vision, once said: “learning without thought is labor lost, thought without learning is perilous. “

The author believes that with the added currency speculation muddy water, as well as doesn’t touch the water. Even if you have uninhibited soul, but your body may be extremely heavy. Wait, is better than the status quo. Quiet as a loyal man, like a woman like a bit of love love clothes bags of coins, training as a hobby is a good man, do not love games, love beauty, only a bit of love coins and a wife.

After the above mentioned and put into practice, the white grass root can counter attack into loyal force up. I have not yet become senior diehard, after his forced invincible again in good. 明明可以靠钱成为逼格高的小白,却靠点滴热爱比特币成为他人羡慕的死忠才是逆袭的精髓所在。

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