How to change the bitcoin payment industry

How to change the bitcoin payment industry

Whether financial services executives love or hate bitcoin, many people either love or hate, more people not to regard it as right, in this regard, experts say the electronic currency will inevitably affect the whole bitcoin payment industry. This news source published this week in an article on And many still in the horizon of the trend, the millennial generation of consumers will use and promote the growth of bitcoin.

Payments Source, this paper discusses the bitcoin cryptography, which is recently at the Cornell University monetary conference theme. The article said: “the diffusion of bitcoin is decentralized, electronic cash system point to point, it will be hidden in the past few years pushed to the mainstream.”

With the development of mobile online bitcoin more and more pay, people’s thoughts or change. 这些转变在千禧一代的身上体现的尤为明显:68%的人说五年之内他们的比特币支付方式将全面改变,71%的人说他们的支付方式将彻底颠覆。

Emerging technologies such as Apple Pay has started to become more goods than digital, bitcoin also ranks, although some backward.

Payments Source wrote bitcoin enthusiasts focus on reducing costs and increasing speed, while reducing fraud in the premise of system function under no refund. But as a mature technology and the strict regulation, the battle cry has spread. For example, bitcoin credit card, the goal is to build a bridge of technology, but they re insert transaction fees and missed a coming from the tip to mobile consumer demand. The next generation of consumers may be more love to these additional items of electronic currency as the currency of the entity.

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