How to save the hurricane “Harvey” victims

nnnWhen the United States suffered a hurricane attack, some charities also dispatched. But the hurricane caused losses to the financial infrastructure, but also delayed the time to provide financial assistance, can not be timely in the financial system to send out aid. However, the circulation of encrypted assets is not limited by the business hours, so at these important moments can replace financial institutions, play a key role.n
nnTranslation: Annie_Xun
n”International Cherch of Blerk” is based on an encrypted currency that has been recognized and registered for religious purposes, with the aim of changing the point-to-point charity event. Use the encrypted currency to locate the places where you need it most.n
nHurricane “Harvey”n
nAfter hurricane Harvey attacked the United States, South Africa, Cherch of Blerk executive director Jason Seibert and Blerk medical director Rhiana Ireland together to the chainsaw, generators, gasoline and coffee loaded on the truck, away from the storm. Eventually they went to Matagorda County, the worst hit in Texas, to escape the hurricane and cross the torrential rain.n
nA few days later, Seibert and Ireland set up several sanctuaries in Galveston County.n
nIreland was awarded national thanks to the rescue action in JEMS (Journal of Emergency Medicine). Seibert implemented an infectious disease control agreement in the food service and diet program, operating a temporary kitchen, providing nearly 12,000 meals for four shelters. Blerk made all his efforts to advise local officials on how to build new shelters. Blerk even supplies medical equipment and supplies between shelters because the Red Cross is not currently available.n
nBitcoin to saven
nBlerk’s truck was in trouble at the time of transport. A few hours later, Blerk found a truck on the north side of Houston, but bank restrictions and time led to impossible wire transfers. Dependent banks mean that Blerk can not recover traffic within five days.n
nJason Seibert is looking for a solution from Robert Gonzalez, founder of OTC Trading Company UTXO, LLC. Gonzalez works with well-known OTC trading company Jesse Wilkinson in the Dallas and Fort Worth areas. Jason cleared the personal encrypted assets through Rob and Jesse, both of whom were filmed in the US Financial Crime Enforcement Network (FinCEN) to keep cash in the hands of traders for more than four hours.n
nObviously when the bank can not do so, the encrypted currency wins. Blerk achieved point-to-point assistance when traditional financial institutions did not work.n

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